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InvenTABLE: a kid-safe power tool for cutting cardboard!

Home: Pennsylvania, United States

InvenTABLE is a kid-safe power tool that teaches valuable STEM skills by giving kids ages 8-12 the ability to cut through cardboard and build 3D models with ease. My co-founder Max and I have been working on this product for over a year, and actually first brought it to kids at the Philadelphia Maker Faire and Sussex County Maker Faire in October 2022! Since then, we've used feedback from hundreds of kids, parents, and educators to iterate on and improve our product. We will be launching InvenTABLE at the end of September through Kickstarter, and our Kickstarter will be running throughout the month of October. Come to our table to try the power tool out for yourselves and make some fun projects out of cardboard!
InvenTABLE: a kid-safe power tool for cutting cardboard! - Maker Faire Bay Area

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Team InvenTABLE

Kausi and Max are two graduates from the University of Pennsylvania's Integrated Product Design program. They both work at the University's Dept of Engineering (Kausi as Designer in Residence & Max as a Lab Manager and Lecturer).