Maker Faire Tulsa 2023

Happiness in a jar candles company

Home: Arkansas, United States

My daughter and I create realistic shaped and scented candles. They look and smell so much like the real food it confuses people if it's real food or a candle.Will you be able to tell the difference? Come create your own food candle with us.

Happiness in a jar candles company - Maker Faire Tulsa


Elyssa Cervantes Maker Faire Yearbook Photo

Elyssa Cervantes

I am a 15 year old homeschooled girl. We started making realistic candles for a small homeschooling entrepreneur fair a couple years ago. It was such a success we decided to use the candles in different aspects of my education such as in my chemistry class we create our own scents by mixing essential oils. It's also my art class, business, and when we do shows it helps me in my public speaking but the part that I believe that's going to help me the most is the knowledge I'm gaining in real world experience, and how to start my own business when I'm older.

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