Maker Faire Elkhorn 2023

Hand-Crafted Electronic Music: Eurorack DIY

Home: Wisconsin, United States

Eurorack is musical synthesizer hardware. Come play with live music generation, and hands on analog electronics, to make sounds nobody has ever heard before. Let's explore how electricity makes sound, and the tools to craft any sound you can imagine
Hand-Crafted Electronic Music: Eurorack DIY - Maker Faire Elkhorn


Karl Stamm Maker Faire Yearbook Photo

Karl Stamm

Dr. Karl Stamm is a data scientist, exploring complex spaces to help other curious minds get to what they're looking for. By day, he does computational analysis for medical scientists, and in the evenings he's tinkering with electronic toys. Analog electronics are a lot like programming, doing logical processing with audio engages the mind without being on a computer any more than necessary.

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