Maker Faire Rome 2023

Food Pairing

Food pairing is a method of identifying which foods go well together. Thanks to the recent availability on the internet of a large number of recipes and databases on the chemical compounds, it is possible to propose combinations based on modern data science techniques which analyze the food graph possibly enriched by the graph of their chemical components. The project proposes to investigate this graph, to visualize it in an attractive way and to experiment during the maker faire with some combinations in order to collect visitor feedback

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Food Pairing - Maker Faire


Sapienza Università di Roma Maker Photo

Sapienza Università di Roma

Andrea Vitaletti, Associate professor at the Sapienza University of Rome, with experience as a startupper in WLAB, WSENSE and GIUSTA. TEDX speaker and instructor on coursera. With more than 70 articles in international journals and workshops. His research interests range from data science to IoT and more recently to DLT technologies

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