Maker Faire Eindhoven 2023

ESPressoscope - a €10 wifi microscope

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Behold an ultra-compact, cheap, open-source DIY microscope system, tailored to various versatile applications. This mostly 3D-Printed DIY pocket-size microscope embraces portability and convenience. Powered by a battery, it seamlessly connects via WiFi, offering incredible mobility. It can boasts the capability to discern details as fine as 10 micrometers. Come to build/check one and let's look for tardigrades at the MakerFaire venue.
ESPressoscope - a €10 wifi microscope - Maker Faire Eindhoven


vittorio saggiomo Maker Faire Yearbook Photo

vittorio saggiomo

Vittorio Saggiomo obtained his M.Sc. degree in Organic Chemistry at the University Federico II of Naples (Italy). He moved to Kiel (Germany) to pursue his Ph.D. working on Dynamic Combinatorial Chemistry. He is an assistant professor at Wageningen University in the Laboratory of BioNanoTechnology. His interests and expertise spread from organic chemistry to Open Technologies and 3D printing in microfabrication, sensors, and devices.

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This is an open hardware research project that can spillover into citizen science, DIY science / frugal science

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