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Elaisian - Il Sistema di Supporto alle Decisioni in agricoltura

Elaisian offers a precision agriculture service to prevent diseases in olive groves, vineyards, and almond orchards and to have a continuous decision support system (SSD) for field interventions. The service is based on SSDs related to pest management and SSDs related to satellite imagery (for all crops). This enables farmers to reduce phytosanitary treatments and optimize fertilization and irrigation. Elaisian offers the installation of weather stations in the field connected to an app where notifications and alerts on pathogen development are sent. We have different types of services that allow us to give accessibility to farms of all sizes and therefore with different economic possibilities. The following sections are available in the app: 5-day weather forecast, self-set alerts (weather parameter, value range, message sending interval), notifications (non-severe messages on plant and pathogen development), alerts (threshold severity messages), field notebook (linked to algorithms), map and reports from satellite images. The pathogen forecasting service is applied for olive groves, vineyards and almond orchards. Through the use of proprietary algorithms we are able to calculate the development of pathogens and plants, which, when correlated, allow us to calculate the infection rate of pathogens with high accuracy. We also use satellite images to calculate vegetation and water indices that are useful for monitoring soils and always have a control for optimizing fertilization and irrigation.
Elaisian - Il Sistema di Supporto alle Decisioni in agricoltura - Maker Faire

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Elaisian srl

Damiano Angelici

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CEO and Co-Founder: graduated in economics and management from UNITELMA La Sapienza University. Engaged as an olive producer at the historic family business, since 2010 he has taken the reins of the Sopranzi family business, through which he has been able to develop managerial, leadership and commercial skills. Being an agricultural producer himself, he is well aware of the needs and problems shared by those in the sector, which is why he decided to implement a precision farming system that would meet the needs of farms. He is also in charge of managing financial relationships with investors and producers while also coordinating the agronomic team. Giovanni is an entrepreneur and startup investor. Co-founder and COO/CMO of Elaisian, AI to treat, irrigate and fertilize fields at the right time. Giovanni is an economist (La Sapienza University of Rome), has been active in the startup world since 2014, and has been an entrepreneur in the agribusiness sector for 8 years. He has always been passionate about technology, agribusiness and environmental sustainability. He is also an olive oil and wine taster. In 2020 he was included by Forbes Italy in the list of Top 100 Under 30 and since 2021 he has been a lecturer at Rome Business School. In 2022 he was selected by, an association that identifies and supports the most innovative social entrepreneurs internationally, as a changemaker and mentor to raise awareness among young people.

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