Maker Faire Delft 2023

Crrrshd 1.2

Home: Zuid Holland, Nederland

Maria Oosterveen werkt met Crossing Parallels aan een project waarin kristal groei, 3d printen en textiel samen komt en gevormd wordt tot een draagbaar kunstwerk.
Crrrshd 1.2 - Maker Faire Delft


Maria Oosterveen Maker Faire Yearbook Photo

Maria Oosterveen

I am Maria Oosterveen an (happy) artist based in The Hague. Studied Art-Science at the Royal Academy of Arts and the Royal Conservatoire, both based in The Hague. I have also studied Analytical Chemistry. It wasn’t what I was made for and I ended up an Art-Science Alumnus. Currently I am using spinning, recycled yarn and a touch of technology/science to make tactile works, that could be touched, be immersed into by wearing or by looking. My works are overall scenographic and usually timebased.

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