Maker Faire Rome 2023


WHAT IS BUBO-2T Bubo-2T is a robotic owl made in the Steampunk style. INSPIRATION Bubo was the name of the clockwork owl in the 1981 movie Clash of the Titans. It was animated by Ray Harryhousen. I’ve taken inspiration from other movie characters such as the Nautilus from the movie 20,000 Leagues under the Sea. I was also inspired by Tick Tock - the clockwork tin man from the movie Return to Oz. My other inspirations are creators of companion robots, such as Alex Glow and her Archie robot, Jorvon Moss, and also creators of wearable tech, such as Naomi Wu and Sophy Wong. Bubo-2T features advanced AI and machine learning and can detect hand gestures made in front of it. FEATURES 2 large eyes that open and close using 2 servers, one per eye Opening and closing mouth Each eye contains an Neopixel ring that is animated via a Raspberry Pi Pico The Pico is also connected via UART to a Raspberry Pi 4 2Gb One of the eyes also contains a Raspberry Pi Camera 3 Wide module The camera module enables the user to strike a pose, the hand gestures are detected and the camera will take a picture and tweet it to Twitter or Toot it to Mastodon (thats what the 2T or tooty means). For more information about Bubo-2T visit

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Kevin McAleer Maker Photo

Kevin McAleer

Hi, I’m a hobbyist robotics fanatic who likes to build robots, share videos about them on YouTube and teach people how to do the same, or as I say in every video: ‘Learn with me as we Build Robots, bring them to life with code, and have a whole load of fun along the way’ I live in the United Kingdom (in the North), with my beautiful wife, 2 Chihuahuas and way too many cats.

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