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Brushcob is a set of three scrub brushes for the skincare made with a biomaterial of our ideation based on corn cob, an abundant industrial waste. The abrasive nature of the cob is used to exfoliate the skin and, thanks to the glycerin and the potato starch in the recipe, the skin remains soft and smooth after the usage. Dipping the product in the water activates the softening capability of the material. The three brushes differ not only in shape and size, but also in the granulometries of the corncob particles, to be efficient in parts of the body with different characteristics.

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Brushcob - Maker Faire


Sapienza Università di Roma Maker Photo

Sapienza Università di Roma

Matteo Orsini Ph.D. student in Product Design at Sapienza University of Rome, he graduated from the M.Sc. in Product and Service Design with the Right of Publication, during which he designed, together with Isabella Ferracci, the project Brushcob. He is also member of the board of directors of TEDxSapienzaU, in the role of coordinator of the design team, made up of 15 multidisciplinary designers and architects, responsible of designing the various touchpoints of the organization. Isabella Ferracci She is graduated from the M.Sc. in Product and Service Design, in which she designed, together with Matteo Orsini, the project Brushcob. She is currently working as a Technical Manager at the ZagaroloFabLab and collaborating on various projects with Chirale S.r.l.

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