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Our project’s aim is to build a device that makes it possible for blind people to improve their sensory abilities by using a low latency wearable device that brings back an immediate feedback to the person that’s wearing it, bearing information of surrounding objects. What’s new with the device we intend to build is the fact that it will provide real time indications not only of the distance of the surrounding objects, but also of the angle (azimuth) by comparing it with a direction reference (the person’s sight line). We mean to achieve this by using a rotating LIDAR sensor connected to a programmable interface which generates signals (vibrations) based on the position in which the person is located.

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Sapienza Università di Roma Maker Photo

Sapienza Università di Roma

Bulla Giorgio, Di Maggio Alex, Manole Lorenzo, Palermo Federico, Recchia Alessandro, Vergari Adriano: a group of six students studying Electronics Engineering, all currently pursuing our bachelor's degrees. Our passion for the various subjects has driven us to dedicate ourselves to their study, building a strong foundation of knowledge. All of us have considerable experience in related projects and have excelled in numerous public-speaking opportunities. All of us have excellent academic records and possess outstanding English speaking skills.

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