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Introdúcete a la robótica con Q-Kids STEAM

Faire: CDMX (Mexico City)
Maker: Edgar González Yebra
Home: Guanajuato, Mexico
¡Introdúcete a la robótica con Q-Kids STEAM! conoce los elementos básicos de la robótica, construye un prototipo sencillo y observa la manera en que intervienen cada uno de los elementos en el funcionamiento del robot. ¡Niñas y niños de 7 a 16 años!

The Growth of The Electric Vehicle Industry and How Miami Dade College Is Contributing

Faire: Miami
Maker: Pedro Santos
Home: Florida, United States
Learn about the growth of the electric vehicle industry specifically on US manufacturing side. Also learn about how Miami Dade College is helping equip students with the skills needed to take on careers in the electric vehicle industry.


Faire: Rocklin
Maker: Bot'Geddon
Home: California, United States
Bot'Geddon is a Battlebots style competition with Flea Weight (150 grams), Ant Weight (1 pound) and plastic (1pound) robots fighting in a double elimination style format.

CNC Fabrication for Robotics

Faire: Milwaukee
Maker: GEarheads FTC Robotics Team
Home: Wisconsin, United States
The GEarheads are an FTC robotics team that is focused on building technical skills for design and fabrication, we will highlight three CNC router platforms we have constructed and allow attendees to design and make their own project on a CNC router.

RoboTeam Twente

Faire: Eindhoven
Maker: RoboTeam Twente
Home: Nederland
RoboTeam Twente is een multidisciplinair studententeam van de Universiteit Twente. Wij streven ernaar om te innoveren en te inspireren in het veld van Robotica en Kunstmatige Intelligentie. Wij ontwikkelen autonome voetbalrobots voor de RoboCup! Tijdens deze internationale wedstrijd spelen onze robots voetbal tegen teams uit allerlei landen, van China tot en met de VS en Duitsland.

Finch Robots are for Everyone! (We really mean it!)

Faire: Cranberry TWP
Maker: Eric Fogle
Home: Pennsylvania, United States
Come see Haine Middle School students demonstrate the Finch 2.0 robot! You can visit the booth to make your own robot art project, or code it to travel through a maze!

RIT’s MultiDisciplinary Robotics Club

Faire: Rochester
Maker: MultiDisciplinary Robotics Club
Home: New York, United States
MDRC is committed to creating an inclusive and inviting space where anyone at RIT can learn about robotics, foster technical and interpersonal skills, and propose their own unique robot ideas.

Ciudad tecnológica automatizada

Faire: CDMX (Mexico City)
Maker: Cristian farid Facundo tlapale
Home: Tabasco, Mexico
Ciudad energizada inalámbricamente a través de una torre de tesla para repartir electricidad inalámbrica, secuencia de semáforos, alumbrado con energía solar, alarma sísmica, de incendio, de gas y alarma de seguridad con detección laser y arduino

Making Simple Robots with Kathy Ceceri — DIY Paper Robotic Fin Gripper!

Faire: Coney Island
Maker: Kathy Ceceri
Home: New York, United States
Kathy Ceceri, author of Making Simple Robots and BOTS!, will show you how to make your own working Paper Robotic Fin Gripper. For ages 8-12.

Robot polifunzionale Lambda

Faire: Rome
Maker: Elettra Robotics Lab
Lambda is a service robotics project aimed at developing a robot capable of navigating in a domestic environment. The robot's movement is smooth and ensured by a four-motor drivetrain with omnidirectional wheels. It is equipped with a utility manipulator arm. The robot measures approximately 80 cm in height. The architecture of the electronic system is based on three boards: Servo board: controls the arm movement. Motor board: enables omnidirectional movement and manages low-level sensors. Raspberry Pi: coordinates the general functions of the robot.

From maker nerd to Hollywood: Your hobby can make you a career

Faire: Calgary
Maker: Ben Eadie
Home: Alberta, Canada
8 or so years ago a friend of mine at a makerspace asked me if I could make something for a movie. Next thing you know I am building two of the largest rotating sets in movie history. Now with many movies, TV shows and live events under my belt I want to show you how your hobby can be a career.

SASA – Sapienza Rocket Team

Faire: Rome
Maker: Sapienza Rocket Team
Minerva is the flagship project of Sapienza Rocket Team, a sounding rocket whose expected altitude touches 3000 m. It will be the result of the knowledge and skills acquired over the years by the Team members. Starting from the optimization of the external aerodynamics using specific algorithms, moving on to implementing an airbrake system designed to guarantee maximum precision in reaching the mission altitude, it will be made almost entirely of composite materials to ensure the best structural performance.

Tweewieler robot voetballers

Faire: Eindhoven
Maker: Robot Sports
Home: Nederland
Dit jaar komt het Robot Sports team met kleine robots met twee wielen, die zichzelf balanceren. Met de robots kun je voetbal spelen - met een tennisbal omdat de robots te klein zijn voor een echte voetbal. Je kunt de robots besturen met een afstandsbediening, maar dat valt niet mee! Ook kun je de instellingen van de robots aanpassen, zodat ze beter rijden. De robots zijn bedacht door Wouter Klop, en die is er zelf ook om uit te leggen hoe je zelf zo'n robot kan bouwen.

Robotics 870

Faire: Long Island
Maker: Team RICE 870
Home: New York, United States
We will be demonstrating our 2023 competition Robot

FIRST FTC Team 21923 Neptune

Faire: Milwaukee
Maker: FTC Team Neptune 21923
Home: Wisconsin, United States
Join 2nd year robotics team Neptune and see how this group of local middle schoolers do robotics. While there, learn about electricity by doing a fun STEM craft!

Clube de Programação e Robótica do Fablab Montijo (AFPDM)

Faire: Lisbon
Maker: Associação para Formação Profissional e Desenvolvimento do Montijo
Home: Montijo, Portugal
O Clube de Programação e Robótica dinamizado pelo Fablab Montijo, projeto da Associação para Formação Profissional e Desenvolvimento do Montijo (AFPDM), desenvolve as suas atividades no edifício sede da Escola Profissional do Montijo. Este clube surge com a missão de capacitar os alunos nas áreas tecnológicas e criativas, no desenvolvimento do pensamento lógico e na resolução de problemas, no pensamento crítico e no trabalho em equipa, no despertar da criatividade e da curiosidade.

It Begins in Brockport

Faire: Rochester
Maker: It Begins in Brockport
Home: New York, United States
Built a dynamo and see how much electricity you can generate! Try out the other interactive demonstrations from It Begins in Brockport (IBiB)! IBiB is a makerspace located in Brockport, NY that offers memberships and public workshops.

Charging Champions

Faire: Orange County
Maker: Charging Champions
Home: California, United States
Charging Champions is a FIRST robotics team based in Irvine, California with students from across IUSD and neighboring schools. We will bring our two full-size competition robots from the 2023 season and attendees will be able to interact with them.

Star Wars Art Painter

Faire: Trieste
Maker: Gaetano Schembri
Home: Friuli Venezia Giulia, Italy
Da una galassia lontana lontana.. Arrivano Dart Vader, i Droidi C3PO R2D2,BB-8,e molti altri personaggi famosi dell' universo Star Wars. Opere uniche e originali, dipinte a mano di tela.

Moving Gunpla & Figure

Faire: Rome
Maker: Jihyun Ko
Moving Gunpla & Figure project remodeled a Gundam plastic model kit with a servo, LED, USB camera, controlled by Arduino Board. Attendee can control the items. When I was young, I dreamed to be pilot of Gundam. And I made so many Gunplas, but it didn't move. So, I developed motorized Gunpla with Arduino board.

Kansas Combat Robotics

Faire: Wichita
Maker: Kansas Combat Robotics
Home: United States
We are a combat robotics group in the greater Wichita.

Quails Curious Contraptions

Faire: NW Arkansas
Maker: Jason Quail
Home: Arkansas, United States
Meet Norbert the Giraffe and his friends. A group of animatronic puppets and traveling characters.

Space Hunters

Faire: Rome
Maker: Eugenio Costa
To this day, children are increasingly inclined to play in the virtual world. We want to bring back the backyard games belonging to the last generation, such as treasure hunting, through a product that belongs to the virtual imagination: controllers set in space. The game consists of two controllers: one in the hands of the commander and one in the hands of the seeker. The commander will have to hide the three aliens, located in the seeker's controller, and then click the arrows on his controller, to give directions to the seeker. Once the directions are sent, they will be immediately received by the seeker, who will follow the arrows to find the aliens and collect them in his controller.

Gli alimenti del futuro: tra biodiversità, economia circolare e agritech

Faire: Rome
Maker: Benedetta Pizziconi
Foods of the future: between biodiversity, circular economy and agritech: An accurate nutritional regimen stands as a pivotal health determinant among all life-ages. Within this context, promoting nutritional biodiversity and foods capable of guaranteeing both productivity and high nutritional value as well as in the context of climate change, represent one of the main challenges of our millennium. Environmental sustainability and waste reduction in the food supply chain are issues consumers are becoming increasingly sensitive to. For years UCBM has been working on those subjects, in particular: i) Identifying better resistant crop varieties to adverse environmental conditions or varieties with peculiar nutritional characteristics. ii) Refining green methods to extract bioactive molecules with high-added value for their potential employment in nutraceuticals, cosmeceuticals, etc., from secondary raw materials that so far only assumed a low or negative economic value within the supply chain iii) Developing sensor-based and robotic systems to identify the health status of the plant to allow an intervention of greater precision in the various agricultural processes, to optimize the production and the harvesting of the edible parts. At the Maker Faire, some projects, and experimental tools by the research groups in Food and Nutrition Science will be exposed, biomedical measurements and instruments and advanced robotics.

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