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Charging Champions

Faire: Orange County
Maker: Charging Champions
Home: California, United States
Charging Champions is a FIRST robotics team based in Irvine, California with students from across IUSD and neighboring schools. We will bring our two full-size competition robots from the 2023 season and attendees will be able to interact with them.


Faire: Rome
Maker: Pizza Robotics
nanosaur is a simple open-source robot based on NVIDIA Jetson. The robot is fully 3D printable, able to wander on your desk autonomously, and uses a simple camera and two OLEDs — these act as a pair of eyes. It measures a compact 10x12x6cm and it weighs only 500g

The sustainability through the student Teams of the Politecnico of Turin

Faire: Rome
Maker: Politecnico di Torino
The Politecnico di Torino presents the most important students Teams involved in sustainability, ecological aspect, low consumption, mobility, recycle, reducing environmental impact and promoting circular economy. The Politecnico of Torino involves the students in Teams with a mission: “learning by doing” with the goal to grow up a new generation of engineers able to accept challenges and solve problems. The main goal of the teams is a practical training of the future engineer: to design means to compromise between an idea and what is actually buildable. The Politecnico would like to present 10 teams that from 15 years make innovation participating to international competitions and events. The Politecnico would like to have a big space to expose theire prototype; cars, bicycle, motorcycle, boats, mobile robot, scaled airplane, recycling computer and more other.

Code Ninjas Tulsa Robotics and Coding

Faire: Tulsa
Maker: Prakash Subramaniam
Home: Oklahoma, United States
We will be showcasing the robotics and coding for kids ages 5-14. There will be simple projects that the kids can work on as well as meet and interact with various robots. Also an opportunity to play games.

Aquí nadie se aburre

Faire: CDMX (Mexico City)
Home: Baja California, Mexico
Esta será una presentación de las actividades que he desarrollado a lo largo de mi práctica docente utilizando la filosofía MAKER y la filosofía STEM, mi metodología es: AQUÍ NADIE SE ABURRE.

Printed Farms and 3DCP

Faire: Miami
Maker: Jim Ritter
Home: Florida, United States
Our vision is to lead the industry in sustainable building techniques by introducing innovative 3D printing techniques and machines that improve efficiencies and reduce costs. Printed Farms is here to build for the future!

Buccaneer Robotics

Faire: Miami
Maker: Buccaneer Robotics
Home: Florida, United States
Buccaneer Robotics is dedicated to exposing members of our community to technology and engineering. We specifically focus on robotics to accomplish this task. We participate in VEX and FIRST Robotics Competitons.

in/out machine

Faire: Eindhoven
Maker: Albert Epping
Home: Nederland
Probeer de in/out machine! Druk op een knop en luister naar het geluid dat de 10 speakers met elkaar maken, speel vals op het laserorgel. Draai aan de knoppen en laat met de LEDs mooie kleuren en patronen ontstaan.

Programmeerbare LEGO hubs

Faire: Delft
Maker: Anton Vanhoucke
Home: ZH, Nederland
Fan van LEGO®? Kom kijken hoe je de mooiste creaties maakt door je LEGO MINDSTORMS, SPIKE en Technic te programmeren met Python en uit te breiden met extra elektronica. Van op afstand bestuurbare auto's met verlichting tot balancerende robots en tekenrobots, de mogelijkheden zijn eindeloos.

Vortechs Robotics FRC 3257

Faire: Rocklin
Maker: Vortechs Robotics FRC 3257
Home: California, United States
WANT TO BUILD ROBOTS? Vortechs Robotics FRC 3257. Learn: Project Management, Programming, CAD, Mechanical, and Electrical Engineering. Build advanced robots, with sophisticated sensors, electronics, programming, & mechanical design. Open to high school students in South Placer, traditional, charters, and homeschoolers. Sponsors: NASA, HAAS, Intuitive, Apple, PG&E, Love of Learning, LightObject… Recruited by Yale, CALTECH, MIT, CAL POLY, Stanford… $20 million in FIRST college scholarships.

Bionics4Education by Festo

Faire: CDMX (Mexico City)
Maker: Eduardo García
Home: Estado de México, Mexico
Bionics4Education es un concepto de enseñanza interactivo para los ingenieros del mañana. Uno de los principales objetivos de nuestra Bionic Learning Network es hacer que los jóvenes se entusiasmen con la tecnología a través de la biónica creativa.

Bouw je BEP

Faire: Eindhoven
Maker: Joel van Wijngaarden
Home: Nederland
De Bouw je BEP robot-kit is uitdagend, innovatief en kunnen kinderen zelfstandig werken aan technische vaardigheden en een makers mindset. Daarnaast streven we ernaar om leraren te ondersteunen, zodat ze techniek kunnen integreren in hun onderwijs zonder dat ze zelf uitgebreide technische kennis nodig hebben. Hierdoor kunnen alle scholen, leraren en kinderen profiteren van de vaardigheden die Bouw je BEP biedt, waardoor ze kunnen groeien en zich ontwikkelen in de wereld van technologie.

Alpha Robotics

Faire: Orange County
Maker: Alpha Robotics
Home: California, United States
We, Alpha Robotics, are a group of robot enthusiasts from different middle and high school of Orange County. Our team is building in-house robot to participate FIRST Robotics Technology Challenge Competition 2023-2024. We will bring our robot to the


Faire: Rome
Maker: Kristijan Nelkovski
ROVRDUINO is a small rover platform powered by an ATmega328 microcontroller. Much like the Arduino UNO, the ROVRDUINO has a "REV3" style footprint with the same headers capable of using existing Arduino shields and modules. This little robot features a variety of onboard sensors and can be programmed using the Arduino IDE. Because ROVRDUINO is intended to be a DIY kit, it can be easily soldered and assembled in just a single afternoon. While the ROVRDUINO doesn't require any advanced knowledge of electronics or microcontrollers, it can be modded and upgraded with all kinds of innovative ideas.

programando a mex-bot en arduino

Faire: CDMX (Mexico City)
Maker: antonio joaquin lopez
Home: oaxaca, Mexico
aprende a programar al mex-bot, un robot mexicano, con diferentes funciones y retos que puedes aprender a resolver de algunas categorías existentes en la robótica mexicana. no necesitas conocimientos previos de programación o electrónica.

FIRST Tech Challenge

Faire: Delft
Maker: Dean van Beek
Home: Zuid-Holland, Nederland
Wij doen mee aan de FIRST Tech Challenge, een Amerikaanse robot competitie. Wij bouwen en programmeren elk jaar een robot en willen onze robot van dit jaar, Zelda, graag laten zien.


Faire: Zagreb
Maker: Ante Medic
Home: Zagreb, Croatia
Solderix je novi i zabavan način učenja o lemljenju, elektronici, robotici, programiranju i mehatronici!

Medit-Table – Giardino Zen 2.0

Faire: Trieste
Maker: Alessandro Giacomel
Home: Roma, Italy
Una scultura cinetica che invita alla meditazione: un tavolino, dove una palla di metallo rotola silenziosamente sulla sabbia, creando e cancellando senza fine bellissimi disegni. Si rimane ipnotizzati a guardare i modelli disegnati perpetuamente mutevoli, dove la sfera sembra muoversi per magia, consapevoli che quello che si sta creando è unico e presto sparirà per sempre.

R2-MKE:SE WI Droid Builders

Faire: Milwaukee
Maker: R2-MKE: SE WI Droids Builders
Home: Wisconsin, United States
We are the local chapter of the R2 Builders Club, a non-profit, international community of people who build full-size replicas of robots from Star Wars. Stop by to learn how you can build your own!

triple delta robot crane game

Faire: Delft
Maker: Aad van der Geest
Home: zh, Nederland
Hier kan je de triple-delta-robotarm bedienen om er mee leuke cadeautjes op te pakken. Je kan onder andere Marsrepen en unieke schuuursponsbobjes winnen. Een tweede opstelling met een triple delta robot sorteert schroefjes en moertjes op maat.

Reconocimiento de imágenes aplicado a sistema electromecánico para exploración espacial.

Faire: CDMX (Mexico City)
Maker: Layonet Salvador Buenrostro Pérez
Home: cdmx, Mexico
Prototipo electromecánico autónomo acompañado de reconocimiento de imágenes que se enfoca en tareas de exploración, utilizando tecnologías de bajo costo, dando así la oportunidad para implementar dicho proyecto en el desarrollo educativo.

Lidar a basso costo

Faire: Rome
Maker: Giorgio Liberini
This is a simple LiDAR with a TF-LUNA proximity sensor. The sensor accurately measures distances up to 5 meters using TOF technology and rotates thanks to a stepper motor. The NodeMCU coordinates calibration, rotation, and the collection of the point cloud, which is then processed by a computer. Initially, the project was intended for a different purpose and was commissioned by the recently deceased Professor Luigi Pagliarini, a pioneer in integrating robotics into art. All mechanical components were 3D printed.

Un gioco per l’apprendimento della lettura dell’ora in modo divertente

Faire: Rome
Maker: Stefano Del Bufalo
The device, using a keyboard and a display, allows the student to set the desired time and see the result with the classic hour and minute hands, gradually learning the correct positions. the exercise is also useful for understanding the difference between 12H and 24H and for understanding the difference between analog and digital time.

Central High School Innovation Magnet

Faire: Louisville
Maker: Louisville Central High School
Home: United States
Louisville Central High School is home to the Colony - a student centered makerspace. We offer a four-year program that focuses on robotics, cyber security, and additive manufacturing. Stop by and see our robots!

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