Maker Faire Yearbook 2023


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Aperture Fabric8, Inc.

Faire: Sussex County
Maker: Aperture Fabric8, Inc.
Home: New Jersey, United States
We provide studio-based educational workshops for life-long learners who have the opportunity to benefit from working with nationally and internationally-recognized makers. We strive to develop the creative abilities of all of our participants throu

Spot® – The Agile Mobile Robot

Faire: Palm Beach
Maker: Levatas
Home: Florida, United States
Levatas builds end-to-end AI solutions, machine learning models, and human-in-the-loop systems that supercharge the way businesses are automating visual inspection. Spot® will be onsite for demos and to engage with the attendees.

Wearable for your bicycle: turn your bicycle to electric assist in seconds!

Faire: Bay Area
Maker: BikeOn
Home: Nevada, United States
BikeOn: The Future of Cycling is Here! BikeOn is the game-changer in urban mobility. With the power to transform any bicycle into a smart e-bike in mere seconds, this wearable is not just about speed—it's about enhancing every ride. No tools, no fuss, just a seamless integration that breathes new life into your favorite bicycle. Equipped with advanced sensors, BikeOn captures real-time performance data, giving insights into your cycling habits and patterns. But that's not all! Want to integrate health metrics into your rides? BikeOn pairs effortlessly with top-tier health trackers, including the Apple Watch. It is also compatible with popular platforms like Strava and our exclusive app.

21980 FTC Bread Pandas

Faire: Orange County
Maker: 21980 Bread Pandas
Home: California, United States
Hello, we are FTC team 21980 Bread Pandas, a community team in Fountain Valley. We strive to break barriers in STEM and create a community where STEM is accessible and fun. Come by our booth to learn more about us and win a free toy!

Monorail 3D Printer

Faire: Los Angeles
Maker: Joshua Brown
Home: California, United States
A look at a unique 3D printer concept that has been around in the RepRap community for a while now; an entire 3D printer mounted to a single frame bar, known as the Monorail.

Lidar a basso costo

Faire: Rome
Maker: Giorgio Liberini
This is a simple LiDAR with a TF-LUNA proximity sensor. The sensor accurately measures distances up to 5 meters using TOF technology and rotates thanks to a stepper motor. The NodeMCU coordinates calibration, rotation, and the collection of the point cloud, which is then processed by a computer. Initially, the project was intended for a different purpose and was commissioned by the recently deceased Professor Luigi Pagliarini, a pioneer in integrating robotics into art. All mechanical components were 3D printed.

E-liza Dolls (Dolls that teach girls how to code)

Faire: Bay Area
Maker: E-liza Dolls
Home: California, United States
E-liza Dolls makes robot dolls that teach young girls how to code! Our mission is to increase diversity and decrease the gender gap in STEM. By introducing young girls to coding and hardware from a young age, we are raising a new generation of women in STEM! Through story-based play, girls will code and build different projects using sensors to technologically enhance their lives with E-liza the robot doll from outer space!

Short Circuits

Faire: Pensacola
Maker: Short Circuits
Home: Florida, United States
Students and parents will learn about FIRST Lego League (FLL), FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC), and FIRST Robotics Challenge (FRC). They will learn the engineering design process, from idea to fully functional system, and will have the opportunity to drive an FTC bot through an FTC-style course. Everyone will have a chance to talk to our team members about the different levels of FIRST Robotics, how a typical season goes, and how to run an FLL, FTC, and FRC team.

Creatief met de micro:bit en Lego

Faire: Delft
Maker: Martine Segers
Home: Zuid-Holland, Nederland
Lego-creaties tot leven brengen. Dat kan met de micro:bit, een programmeerbaar mini-computertje, en speciale servomotortjes. Daarmee kun je van alles maken, zoals een waarzegger, kietel-robot, lopende kikker, Nee-bot, schietspel en escape-doolhof.

CNC Fabrication for Robotics

Faire: Milwaukee
Maker: GEarheads FTC Robotics Team
Home: Wisconsin, United States
The GEarheads are an FTC robotics team that is focused on building technical skills for design and fabrication, we will highlight three CNC router platforms we have constructed and allow attendees to design and make their own project on a CNC router.

FabLab Belluno: Progetti Spicci – Braccio Robot

Faire: Trieste
Home: Veneto, Italy
braccio robot con movimento grande a joystick

World of Lenhart

Faire: Wichita
Maker: Anna Lenhart Murray
Home: United States
3-D printing, prop reproductions, and a full-sized R2-D2 in progress. Science teacher meets science fiction. That's what you'll find at the World of Lenhart.

Aquí nadie se aburre

Faire: CDMX (Mexico City)
Home: Baja California, Mexico
Esta será una presentación de las actividades que he desarrollado a lo largo de mi práctica docente utilizando la filosofía MAKER y la filosofía STEM, mi metodología es: AQUÍ NADIE SE ABURRE.

Golden Ratio Robotics, First Tech Challenge demonstrations

Faire: Lake County
Maker: Golden Ratio Robotics
Home: Illinois, United States
Golden Ratio Robotics is a First Tech Challenge (FTC) competitive robotics team for 7th through 12 graders. Student-made robots will be available for hands-on interaction and demonstrations.

Marabunta BAJA SAE

Faire: CDMX (Mexico City)
Maker: Marabunta
Home: CDMX, Mexico
La escudería Marabunta participara en la competencia BAJA SAE Ohio en los Estados Unidos de América para lo cual estamos en busca de patrocinadores y benefactores para con desarrollar con plenitud una representación de México en el extranjero

Syntax Terror, FIRST Tech Challenge Robotics Team

Faire: Asheville
Maker: Syntax Terror FTC Robotics Team
Home: North Carolina, United States
Syntax Terror is a robotics team of ten homeschooled students in grades 9-12 who share a passion for brainstorming and problem-solving. We believe that our talents and skills can be used to make a positive impact on the world around us.

2008 Knight Industries Three Thousand (KITT) car

Faire: Orange County
Home: California, United States
Screen-used KITT from the 2008 Knight Rider TV series, based on a black 2008 Ford Mustang.

Homemade Robots

Faire: Hudson Valley
Maker: Randy Sarafan
Home: New York, United States

Come learn about Homemade Robots that you can make at home out of commonly found materials and basic hand tools. Have fun learning about building machines that encourage creativity, ingenuity and improvisation.

RoadRunner rover – an autonomous car-like rover based on ROS 2 & AI

Faire: Rome
Maker: Pizza Robotics
This project is a platform to learn, develop and test autonomous mobile car on a little scale. The idea is to build an ecosystem based on ROS 2, microROS and PX4, which allows to create an autonomous rover based on a car-like robot. It is capable of creating maps of the environment, detect objects in real-time and understand the surrounding environment. RoadRunner rover software can be used for simulation and also to discover how autonomous cars are built.

Parko: RML (Rome Mobility Link)

Faire: Rome
Maker: Khaled Atef Megahed
RML (Rome Mobility Link) empowers sustainable transport, school management, and accessibility through innovative RFID wearables and cloud connectivity.

Drone Cage and Piloting

Faire: Bay Area
Maker: Drones of San Francisco/ SF Drone School
Home: California, United States
We will have one netted area for drone demo and drone simulator training. A second for Q&A on how to become a commercial drone pilot or a professional drone racer. The drone racers will sign autographs and give pictures to kids.

Rolling Robots Robotics Competition Team Demo

Faire: Orange County
Maker: Rolling Robots
Home: California, United States
Come to meet our world-class, award-winning VEX robotics competition teams from the Rolling Robots' Irvine location! Everyone can make your own ______ (surprise!) and learn more about why learning robotics is essential for your child's education.

American Society of Mechanical Engineers at SJSU Projects.

Faire: Bay Area
Maker: American Society of Mechanical Engineers at SJSU
Home: California, United States
Our club does one major year long project developing a hybrid tricycle while also making small mechatronics and design projects using additive manufacturing over the course of the year. As a club we've developed over 25 projects in the past year and won over $2,500 in prizes collectively. We also recently revitalize our team since the pandemic, so as a team of once 10 students we've expanded to over 100! All of our small projects involve utilization of Fusion 360 to model the parts! Our projects range across various fields within the engineering field, such as electric vehicles, aerospace, aerodynamics, combat robotics, mechatronics, mechanical design, and many more!

Aquabots FTC

Faire: Pioneer Valley
Maker: Aquabots FTC
Home: Massachusetts, United States
We're the Aquabots, an FTC team! We are a community team made of members from all over the Pioneer Valley. We build a robot to compete in a worldwide competition. Building a robot requires mechanical design, programming, fundraising, and business planning. At Maker Faire you can checkout our robot, drive it around, and learn more about the current season we are competing in.

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