Maker Faire Yearbook 2023


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Creation Station with Tulsa Regional STEM Alliance

Faire: Tulsa
Maker: Tulsa Regional STEM Alliance
Home: Oklahoma, United States
Where imagination meets innovation! Join our interactive booth for hands-on fun with magsnaps, tangrams, balsa wood blocks, and LEGOs. Don't miss out on STEM in a Bag take-home kits and awesome giveaways!


Faire: Louisville
Maker: FirstBuild
Home: United States
At FirstBuild, we invent what's next for the home. In the evenings and Saturdays, we offer a free-to-join community makerspace on the UofL campus with 3D printers, Universal lasers, woodworking and metal working tools, a water jet and more.


Faire: Rome
Maker: Francesco Onorati
Intellibreria is an innovative smart book storage solution that combines the beauty of wooden shelves with advanced technology. With its built-in RFID detection system, it effortlessly tracks and organizes your book collection. Simply place your books in the specially designed Portalibri containers, which come in various colors for easy genre categorization. The microcontroller manages the RFID system, while the user interface includes a touch monitor and voice control for precise book location identification. Whether you're a book enthusiast or a library owner, Intellibreria offers a seamless and convenient way to manage and access your books with just a few taps or voice commands. Say goodbye to time-consuming searches and enjoy the pleasure of a perfectly organized and intelligent library.

Antonio Fornelos

Faire: Miami
Maker: Antonio Fornelos
Home: Florida, United States
Our business main focus is to teach people how to work and take care of the crystals to be able to get all the healing benefits. We will be bringing many beautiful crystals that or found all around the world.


Faire: Tulsa
Maker: Chris Crawford
Home: Oklahoma, United States
Hello, we are MODFY, and sell a variety of materials that you can use with a laser, cnc, or other maker equipment. We carry a vast assortment of acrylics that will be easy to use and make your projects come to life! check us out at

Truly Charmed

Faire: Palm Beach
Maker: Katherine Guthrie
Home: Florida, United States
I offer a variety of cups, clothing , jewelry and decor.

Happy Little Paper Co

Faire: Downtown Columbia
Maker: Lindsy Liu
Home: Maryland, United States
Happy Little Paper Co is a AAPI, woman owned illustration & stationery shop based in Baltimore, Maryland. Happy Little Paper Co creates goods that promote joy, inclusivity, and kindness. 

Impact Earth

Faire: Rochester
Maker: Elizabeth Carey
Home: New York, United States
Impact Earth serves the greater Rochester and Finger Lakes Region. Our Mission is to reduce single-use consumption and divert materials from the landfill through: education, access to products and services, and creation of policy and processes.

True North Woodwork & Cusrom furniture

Faire: Edmonton
Maker: NULL
Home: Alberta, Canada
At True North Woodwork & Custom Furniture we focus on providing you with high quality furniture built Custom to meet your needs. Looking for something smaller? Checkout our selection of cutting boards, and charcuterie boards.

John’s Chair Caning

Faire: Elkhorn
Maker: Teresa Arenz
Home: Wisconsin, United States
We are John's chair caning. We have been in business in the Milwaukee area since 1972. We provide quality work for your heirloom chairs and everyday chairs. We also do caning for canoe seats, and cabinet doors.

dreamless ceramics

Faire: Tulsa
Maker: Sean Bonner
Home: Oklahoma, United States
Wheel-thrown pottery by Sean Bonner. dreamless ceramics was started in their garage in Tulsa in 2023. A self-taught potter, they enjoy making functional pieces.

Continuous Carbon Fiber(CCF) Reinforced 3D Prints. Demonstrations of strength.

Faire: Orange County
Maker: Ashton Miller
Home: Arizona, United States
Create extremely strong continuous carbon fiber reinforced 3D prints for structural components, no specialty tools required.


Faire: Rome
Maker: Sapienza Università di Roma
RecAIcleBin î un dispositivo che î in grado, grazie all'Intelligenza Artificiale, di smistare i rifiuti rispettando la raccolta differenziata. Facilmente installabile ovunque, RecAIcleBin riconosce il tipo di rifiuto e lo inserisce nel contenitore corretto. Durante la fiera, i visitatori potranno testarlo con rifiuti generici, verificando la sua efficacia e facilità d'uso. Grazie a RecAIcleBin, la raccolta differenziata dei rifiuti diventerà più semplice e accessibile a tutti, contribuendo così a preservare il nostro pianeta e affrontare la sfida dell'inquinamento.

Amy Rimmer Art

Faire: NW Arkansas
Maker: Amy Rimmer
Home: Arkansas, United States
My body of work is created through mixed mediums to explore nature, emotions and interactions with self and others in life.

3D Printed Clocks

Faire: Bay Area
Maker: Steve Peterson
Home: California, United States
I design 3D printed mechanical clocks. All of my designs are intended to be functional clocks with high accuracy and long runtimes. Most are weight driven with runtimes ranging between 8 to 32 days and an accuracy of 1-2 minutes per week. Other designs include motor driven desk clocks and motorized rewind clocks. My designs are published on Thingiverse, Printables, and MyMiniFactory.

Smart Garden using Seeed Studio WIO Terminal

Faire: Lisbon
Maker: Seeed Studio
Home: Cataluña, Espanha
It is a workshop sponsored by Seeed Studio for the educational community, and delivered by POWAR, in which we will show teachers the capabilities of the WIO Terminal, an IoT device designed by Seeed Studio, to carry out projects related to environmental sciences and the internet of things. The WIO terminal has a light sensor, accelerometer, microphone, buzzer and screen integrated into the device, in addition to the possibility of connecting to WiFi and LoRa network. On top of that, Seeed Studio's WIO terminal works with sensors and actuators that don't need complicated connections or advanced electronics skills, making them perfect for learning as you just need to plug them in and load the code to start using them. In the workshop we will first teach teachers how to use and program some of these sensors, and then we will teach them to integrate them to create an intelligent plant monitoring system that can give us information such as ambient temperature, amount of light, relative humidity and soil moisture, and also warn us when the plant needs to be watered. We will also have some other sensors of different types for teachers to try during the workshop if they want.

Apertura ad Impulsi Programmati di più Accessi Condominiali

Faire: Rome
Maker: Giuseppe Bonanno
Invention applicable to intercom systems with two or more "electric door units". The entrance to a condominium has two push-button panels, the visitor must ring the first time outside, wait for it to open and go to the second access to ring the second time, the condominium must wait for the time lapse between the first and second being able to move away from the intercom, the patent intends to provide the condominium with the possibility of eliminating this useless waiting time. The device is designed to be connected to the "door speaker" of any door phone system with two or more electric locks without making any changes to it.

H10 – Extreme low power SOM for energy harvesting ISM radio sensor applications

Faire: Rome
Maker: Acme Systems srl
H10 is a SOM module based on the Microchip SAM R35 microprocessor (Cortex M0 Class) equipped with LoRa Radio and a power management circuitry so optimized as to obtain practically unique low-absorption performances. The energy storage technology is based on a hybrid supercap technology and the use of very high performance solar panels that allow the creation of sensors capable of operating in environments that are not too bright or illuminated for short periods.

Casually Glowy: Putting LEDs in everyday life

Faire: Miami
Maker: Charlyn Gonda
Home: California, United States
LEDs aren't just for parties in the sand or dancing in clubs - why not wear them to brunch, in the office, or at school? In this talk, Charlyn will showcase some of her glowy creations in her eternal quest to make being glowy a casual thing.

Live Learn and Lead

Faire: Elkhorn
Maker: Didi Dowling
Home: Illinois, United States
Live Learn & Lead is a non for profit vocation program that transforms the whole person. We empower individuals to function at their highest level of effectiveness, leading to a more satisfying, self-reliant, and independent life.


Faire: Pensacola
Maker: Elena Bustoz
Home: Florida, United States
Hello! My name is Elena (@eb.artist.ry), I’m local to the pcola area and I take inspiration for my art from nature, body empowerment, and the occasional skull. I love everything spooky and weird. My art can be found as stickers, prints, earrings and more.


Faire: Rome
Maker: Helios Domotics S.r.l.
lit has developed a user-friendly product that allows you to monitor domestic and commercial electricity. Using a plug and play device, which works through AI and Machine Learning, lit allows you to reduce energy waste and CO2 emissions. The solution is made up of two parts: the litbox (the hardware component), which is installed on the phase or life-saving cable, and the litapp (the software component), which translates the user's consumption in terms of energy used, money spent and CO2 emitted, for each device.

Alexa’s Illustrations

Faire: Tulsa
Maker: Alexa Maloney
Home: Oklahoma, United States
Alexa's Illustrations is a Tulsa watercolor artist and illustrator. Explore her prints and collection of Tulsa themed art and take home some goodies for kids and grownups alike.

Woodworx Workshop

Faire: NW Arkansas
Maker: Jake Lewis
Home: Arkansas, United States
I make pieces that I would like having in my own home and I enjoy the challenge of creating custom pieces with input from my clients. I see vibrancy in my art and in giving discarded wood and other forgotten materials a second life.

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