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Faire: Rome
Maker: hydrohunter di Tamburrino Daniela
Hydrohunter's future plan is to be able to solve the drought problem. Also help the small farmer who does not have a large amount of money to invest in a water research project. Report whether there is an aquifer on your land, whether this water resource is convenient or not. That is, the risk-benefit ratio is valid for designing an artesian well.

LIGNOPACK – Bioplastic from food waste for food packaging

Faire: Rome
Maker: Università degli Studi della Tuscia
Every year in the field of food packaging synthetic additives are used for the development of plastic packaging, whose deleterious impact they have on the marine ecosystem and on human health is now known. LIGNOPACK is proposed as a natural alternative to the current toxic additives being composed of natural substances: lignin and chitosan. The union of these two biopolymers as nanoparticles has allowed the development of a completely natural additive that can be used in food packaging, with great advantages in terms of sustainability, performance and cost-effectiveness. “LIGNOPACK represents a biotechnological innovation aimed at the circular bioeconomy''.

Cup of Love Cocoa Bombs

Faire: Elkhorn
Maker: Nickie Palacio
Home: Illinois, United States
Cocoa bombs, cake pops & cakesicles, and sweet treats galore. Stop by for a demo and sample of my famous cocoa bombs!!

“AflaZeroUV & Aflazero”: Box UV per individuare aflatossine negli alimenti e impianto di decontaminazione. Protezione alimentare con raggi UV e trattamento per garantire sicurezza e salute.”

Faire: Rome
AflaZeroUV is a device that uses ultraviolet rays to detect aflatoxins in food. The food sample is exposed to UV rays, and the detected fluorescent reaction allows for determining the presence and quantity of aflatoxins. An innovative solution for ensuring safer food. The AflaZero decontamination system is an advanced system that utilizes a specific process to remove or reduce aflatoxins in contaminated food. By applying controlled conditions of temperature and treatment time with ozone, the system ensures the destruction of aflatoxins, making the food safe for human consumption.

Los Lupes Tacos

Faire: Elkhorn
Maker: Jose Hernandez
Home: Wisconsin, United States

Dulce ambición by Maria Cake’s

Faire: Pioneer Valley
Maker: Maria Rivera
Home: Massachusetts, United States
Cup cake Ice coffee Pastry Soda Agua

Fabula Tea

Faire: Bay Area
Maker: Kai-Kenny Chew
Home: California, United States
We specialize in rare micro-batch loose-leaf teas and herbal blends that are handmade using our own proprietary recipe. Our teas feature locally sourced ingredients that are meticulously selected to ensure clean, flavorful and healing brews without additional flavorings or additives. Housed in pouches or canisters (all US suppliers) adorned with original artworks created by local Bay Area artists, our teas offer a unique multi-sensorial experience that delights, nourishes and evokes transformative experiences.


Faire: Rome
SmartBreak - Order at the School Bar with a Click! Simplify and optimize the ordering process at school bars with SmartBreak. This intuitive web app allows students to place their orders directly from their smartphones, providing a seamless experience. With automated daily order lists and detailed statistics, SmartBreak streamlines operations for students, bar staff, and administrators, saving time and reducing errors. Customizable for any school, SmartBreak makes school bar management efficient.

Erogatore mangimi solidi e liquidi per volatili.

Faire: Rome
Maker: IIS Tito Sarrocchi
"Solid and liquid feed dispenser" was designed to solve the problem of feeding our domestic birds during the holidays and, therefore, away from our property. This electronic type device would be able to distribute a certain portion of feed per day, decided in advance by us and to supply the liquid container with water, from which the birds can drink.

Circular Farm la fattoria urbana circolare

Faire: Rome
Maker: Antonio Di Giovanni
Circular Farm is an urban farm, inspired by the circularity of nature. In our circular agricultural process we produce Oyster mushrooms reusing the coffee grounds from the bars and other product like medical mushrooms, micro-vegetable, flours, eggs, worm humus and compost. Our process is innovative, because we use a vertical systems of cultivation in the shipping containers, out of land. In addition to the production of mushrooms, our company produces micro-vegetables and vegetables from hydroponic cultivation systems (aquaponic system) and with a synergic garden. From the mushrooms substrate, we make a compost pile and thanks of the aerobic fermentation we produce hot water that we use in winter time for heating our greenhouse. In our Circular Farm space we organize educational tour for schoosl, experience, workshops and training for the people that want to replicate our circular system.

The MerTails | Elixirs as Mixers

Faire: Asheville
Maker: The NOHM Collective
Home: North Carolina, United States
Join us! Fresh harvested herbs for touch and smell, variety of infusions for smell, taste, and mixing to experience different flavor profiles and herbal energetics. Live herbal mixology with our elixirs sold by the cup, accompanied by free samples

Browned Butter Babe Co.

Faire: Bay Area
Maker: Rachel Turkal
Home: United States
Browned Butter Babe Co is a licensed Cottage Food Bakery located in San Jose specializing in scrumptious sweet treats featuring 'browned butter'. These delectable treats include the best snickerdoodle in the Bay Area (it's extra cinnamony w/ a hint of cardamom), over-the-top sandwich cookies featuring vanilla-browned butter buttercream, as well as rice crispy treats in different flavors like The OG, Ube, and The Gay Agenda (w/ fruity pebbles), among other things. If time allows during the fall Browned Butter Babe also like to make apple butter, inspired by her southern heritage.

Smart Sensor for Testing Agrifood Quality & Safety at the Point of Care

Faire: Rome
Maker: Sapienza Università di Roma
The Device we present is a Lab-on-Chip. It consists of a system on glass (SoG), where are integrated photosensors for light detection, a thermalization system and sensors for controlling the temperature. The SoG is coupled with a microfluidic system where biological assay occurs and allows the detection of mycotoxins and food pathogens. The system is contained in a portable metallic box. The assays consist of specific recognition elements for the detection of the mycotoxins, which identify the target (mycotoxins) and emits a luminescent signal when the target is present. The luminescent signal is then detected by the photosensors. In the case of food pathogens, the system is able to perform a molecular test: identify a specific DNA sequence of the pathogens, which is amplified and detected by the photosensors following the luminescent signal generated during the DNA amplification. The thermalization system ensures the reactions occurring at the requested temperature.

Bombeer srl

Faire: Rome
Maker: Bombeer srl
Bombeer is a bottom-fermented lager beer, born from the careful selection of the finest varieties of barley, hops and yeast, produced by Birra Castello Spa. The particular fermentation process gives it a harmonious, soft and enveloping taste. The slim body and subtle carbonation play in balance, closing with a clean finish that invites a second sip. Due to its characteristics it is suitable as an aperitif beer and for consumption throughout the meal, even better if in front of a match on TV.

El Chilango Mexican Grill LLC

Faire: Lynchburg
Maker: El Chilango Mexican Grill LLC
Home: Virginia, United States
El Chilango Mexican Grill LLC comes from Nelson County Virginia serving traditional Mexican street food. We serve everything from Burritos to Elotes known as street corn that will satisfy the bold and the not so adventurist food lover.

Piaccadino^2 – titolatore automatico per alimenti

Faire: Rome
Maker: Università degli Studi della Tuscia
Piaccadino^2 is an affordable automatic titrator for analyzing organic acids in plant tissues. It uses Arduino, a pH probe, a thermoresistor, and a stepper motor. Improvements include enhanced precision, wireless connectivity, and Python programmability. Suitable for research and education, it offers a low-cost and customizable solution for more accurate and reproducible titrations.

Spireat un futuro sostenibile

Faire: Rome
Maker: algaria srl
the project we are presenting this year derives from the technological innovations presented in recent years and will lead to the request for a new patent, application presented in 2022. the project concerns the optimization of natural light on productions in open pond systems on the production of microalgae by improving the performance of production and returns on investment in technologies that are still not very mature, and which will also make it possible to improve the capture of CO2 which is already naturally efficient in microalgal production systems,

Subzero Delights

Faire: Edmonton
Maker: Shana Phillips
Home: Alberta, Canada
Homemade in Alberta! Freeze dried candy. Candy of the future! The process involves freezing the candy, then removing all of the moisture, leaving only pure sugar crystals behind. Resulting in fluffy, airy, crunchy candy that has 3x the flavour.

Visual robotic programming with Pictorus

Faire: Central Oregon
Maker: Pictorus
Home: California, United States
Program robots in real time with a visual coding interface!


Faire: Delft
Maker: Gwendoline Houzelot
Home: Zuid-Holland, Netherlands
We're an online zero waste shop, based on click'n'collect. Order from our website and select your favorite pick-up location. Organic and without plastic, get your groceries in refundable containers, and together let's tackle single-use packaging!

Cool & Creamy Food Truck

Faire: Palm Beach
Maker: Edwin Ortiz
Home: Florida, United States
Cool and creamy ice cream. Premium soft ice cream and Italian ice!

Food Pairing

Faire: Rome
Maker: Sapienza Università di Roma
Food pairing is a method of identifying which foods go well together. Thanks to the recent availability on the internet of a large number of recipes and databases on the chemical compounds, it is possible to propose combinations based on modern data science techniques which analyze the food graph possibly enriched by the graph of their chemical components. The project proposes to investigate this graph, to visualize it in an attractive way and to experiment during the maker faire with some combinations in order to collect visitor feedback

Roni-Sue’s Chocolates

Faire: Coney Island
Maker: Rhonda Kave
Home: New York, United States
Come meet Maker Roni-Sue of Roni-Sue's Chocolates, known for confections that delight & surprise! She'll be making and sampling chocolate onsite. Learn about our Public & Private Classes or Try & Buy our house made chocolate bars!

Alla Prima Coffee Roaster

Faire: Pensacola
Maker: Summer Sevi
Home: Florida, United States
Hand-crafted specialty coffee, micro roasted by creatives, for creatives.

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