Maker Faire Yearbook 2023


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Freehand Fabricator: An industrial-grade 3D pen.

Faire: Bay Area
Maker: Timothy Keller
Home: California, United States
The Freehand Fabricator is what you would get if a 3D printer and a MIG welder had a baby. It is a high-temperature, high-flow 3D printer hot end with a comfortable handle and spool-fed extruder base station. People who have used '3D pens' know how slow they are, and how quickly they break. This is the solution those makers have been waiting for: the Freehand Fabricator is capable of extruding engineering-grade plastics and is more than twice as fast as existing solutions. The project is in the late prototyping stage at the moment and will be launched on Kickstarter in the coming months. We are currently looking for people to play with the prototypes and tell us what they think!

CADimensions Inc.

Faire: Syracuse
Maker: Joseph Moore
Home: New York, United States
Learn about Additive Manufacturing / 3D Printing and see how it can be applied for you. Get an on-the-spot quote, learn about the design and printing process, and test out the durability of the Origin Hammer.

Cabrera Customs and more

Faire: Pioneer Valley
Maker: Maribell Cabrera
Home: Massachusetts, United States
ropa de bebe y productos personalizados

Stone Setting without Soldering

Faire: Downtown Columbia
Maker: Ivy Lewis
Home: Maryland, United States
Learn three techniques to set stones securely without soldering using different types of wire: aluminum stone setting at 1:00 pm;, sterling silver wire cage at 2:00 pm, and copper prong setting at 3:00 pm.

Project Empire

Faire: Bay Area
Maker: Empire of Dirt
Home: California, United States
Inspired by the heyday of science fiction concept art, the cryptic history of a canceled NASA mission, and the optimism and hipness of the early 60’s Apollo Rocket Age, Project: EMPIRE (Early Manned Planetary-Interplanetary Roundtrip Expeditions) is the physical creation of a mythological spacecraft and a new anachronistic style we call AEROSPACEPUNK.

You too can make an electric car

Faire: Bay Area
Maker: Patrick Mackey
Home: California, United States
1992 Mazda Miata sports car converted to fully electric. Will discuss the principles of electric vehicles and how most gas cars and trucks can be converted to electric.

Make: Magazine

Faire: Bay Area
Maker: Make:
Home: California, United States
Meet the Makers behind Make: and get a subscription to Make: magazine at a special event price! Sign up at the Make: Booth, in the Maker Shed or the Maker Faire Merch Tent. Join the Maker Movement and dive into the first magazine devoted to DIY technology projects.

Eagle Rockbotics

Faire: Los Angeles
Maker: Eagle Rockbotics
Home: California, United States
Eagle Rockbotics is a student led robotics team at Eagle Rock High School. We design, build, and compete robots and will have two of them on display at the MakerFaire. We are working hard, having fun, and driving fast. See us at the MakerFaire.

One Health Lab

Faire: Rome
Maker: Università di Siena
The bioeconomy is not only the set of activities of food, bio-energy, and bio-materials production, but includes all activities that transform biological resources into other products. In many cases, as in the forestry sector and in many areas of biomaterial production activities, no processes are involved biotechnological but biophysical or biochemical, which makes the technical and scientific skills of the Laboratory absolutely suited to this time of crucial transition, accepting the challenge of integrating the bioeconomy and the circular economy into a new concept known as the circular bioeconomy. The Demonstrator to be implemented by the Macronode@UNISI ensures the marriage of innovation (generation of know- how), quality and sustainability in a multidisciplinary and multiproduct vision (use of know-how) proposing and using green and bio-based solutions: a model that aims at real circularity, a unicum in the eco-sustainable life sciences sector nationally and internationally. The experimental laboratory will be organized as a Bioeconomy Innovation Lab with the aim of creating a platform for the development of products derived from a waste, capable of making the process of formulating a new product and put it on the market, connecting the raw material and subcontractor industries, as well as offering the ability to carry out quality control testing, stability, material studies and realization of product prototypes.

UWM Prototyping Center

Faire: Milwaukee
Maker: Kyle Jansson
Home: Wisconsin, United States
Come learn how just about anything is designed and made! From CAD to 3D Printing to CNC Machining, we have an array of parts and products that we've engineered and fabricated. While you're here - let's talk how to become a Maker/Engineer/Designer!

Central Oregon Metal Arts Guild – COMAG –

Faire: Central Oregon
Maker: Central Oregon Metal Arts Guild
Home: Oregon, United States
COMAG is a local group of metal artists. From Blacksmiths and sculptors to jewelers. We get together once a month for a demonstration. We will have artists at the faire to talk about the Guild and do some demo work.

FRC Team Neutrino

Faire: Des Moines
Maker: FRC Team Neutrino
Home: Iowa, United States
A team of 30 high school students from Story County, Iowa, we design, build, and program a robot each year for the international FIRST Robotics Competition. Come meet the team and see us demonstrate our 2023 robot!

THING: Building the ”Impossible” Walking Hand

Faire: Bay Area
Maker: Raptor House FX
Home: Colorado, United States
How we designed and built the world's first walking animatronic human hand for the record breaking Netflix series, 'Wednesday'. From initial concept, to prototyping, to live performance on the streets of New York City. Jesse will have 4 small animatronics with him to demo and share with the public.

Lego battle bots

Faire: Calgary
Maker: Calgary brick battle
Home: Alberta, Canada
Your chance to join a lower cost and accessible robot fighting league. No need for skills with programming or machining because the only permitted material is Lego.

Augmented Intelligence Academy Inc

Faire: Miami
Maker: German Dulanto
Home: Florida, United States
We are an afterschool provider of technology, currently working with Lego Spike Prime Robots, we do work with non-profit orgs. and we are both sponsored by The Children Trust of Miami Dade County

DIY Book Scanning

Faire: Tulsa
Maker: Bill Gill
Home: Oklahoma, United States
A demonstration of how to convert a book from a print version to a digital version. This involves photographing the pages of the book, converting the images of the pages to text, editing the text and then converting the text to a digital form.

The Royal Trumpets

Faire: Central Oregon
Maker: Adam Foster
Home: New York, United States
The Royal Trumpets are an EPIC series of 6 kinetic pyrotechnic sound sculptures that stand 15' tall, connected to a keyboard, you can make come play music!

Les patounes de Marie

Faire: Brussels
Maker: marie Vankerpel
Home: Belgium
Les Patounes de Marie sont des sacs à mains, des sacs réutilisables ainsi que d'autres créations textiles fait artisanalement et avec amour Ce sont des créations uniques Venez voir mon exposition, je me ferais le plaisir de répondre à vos questions. Belle journée

ICTP Scientific FabLab

Faire: Trieste
Maker: Carlo Fonda
Home: FVG, Italy
Venite a conoscere il laboratorio di fabbricazione digitale del Centro di Fisica Teorica (ICTP): stampanti 3D, taglio laser, frese CNC, prototipazione elettronica, robotica, costruzione di apparati per ricerca, didattica e divulgazione della scienza. Un laboratorio in cui la parola d'ordine è innovazione, la ricetta segreta è creatività e la risorsa più preziosa sono le persone che lo frequentano.

Ghostbusters fvg

Faire: Trieste
Maker: Ghostbusters fvg
Home: Fvg, Italy
Direttamente dal mondo ectoplasmatico pronti per stupirvi e render felici bambini e non..siamo pronti a credere in voi!

+Re Water

Faire: Rome
Maker: Innovazione e tecnologia a supporto di uno stile di vita migliore e dignitoso per tutti
L'idea si basa sui punti 6 e 7 dell’agenda 2030, ossia Garantire a tutti la disponibilità e la gestione sostenibile dell’acqua e delle strutture igienico-sanitarie e assicurare a tutti l’accesso a sistemi di energia economici, affidabili, sostenibili e moderni. +Re Water suddivide il suo funzionamento tra le due fasi principali della giornata, durante la notte recupera acqua, deumidificando l’aria circostante; durante il dì produce energia elettrica e potabilizza l’acqua tramite una serie di filtri in carbonio attivo e lampade di tipo UV. Ma gli sprechi non sono ben visti da noi di +Re Water, ed î per questo che abbiamo scelto di aggiungere una cisterna di raccolta dell’acqua piovana, che verrà in seguito potabilizzata assieme all’acqua deumidificata. Perché scegliere il nostro progetto? Il nostro progetto offre soluzioni innovative, volte a diminuire i problemi di approvvigionamento idrico nel mondo usando solo energia fotovoltaica. +Re Water î basato su una visione a lungo termine e su una strategia di sviluppo continuo con lo scopo di adattarsi alle esigenze di ogni zona e aiutare più persone possibile.

Kid-scale Snow Plow

Faire: Elkhorn
Maker: Lance Lamont
Home: Wisconsin, United States
Fully operational custom-built snow plow for a kid's ride-on jeep. Joystick operated and able to clean off a driveway. Visit and learn a bit about welding, linear actuators, and electricity.

Alberta Robot Combat Club (ABRC)

Faire: Calgary
Maker: Alberta Robot Combat Club (ABRC)
Home: Alberta, Canada
The Alberta Robot Combat Club (ABRC) is bringing back high-energy, full-combat robot fights. Build your own, or come watch competitors spend 3 minutes trying to destroy their opponents for glory, prizes, and your entertainment! Chat with them in the pits as they repair, recharge, and do it again.

Honest Reflection

Faire: Pensacola
Maker: Lali Mettta
Home: Florida, United States
Metta Visionary Design is multimedia design studio with focus on oil pastel painting, furniture design, and functional sculpture design. Our booth presentation will a display 6 oil paintings with natural crystals, a three piece functional sculpture fabricated with steel and natural crystals as well as the architectural drawings that are submitted to fabricators. We will showcase the process of design from concept design, how to build drawings, and explanation of fabrication process.

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