Maker Faire Yearbook 2023


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3D Printing For Beekeepers

Faire: Calgary
Maker: Bill Rayment
Home: Alberta, Canada
A display and fair goers interactions on the topics of 3D printing that might be useful in the art of beekeeping and all about bees. Sponsored by the Calgary and District Beekeepers Association.

Garage – Startup Incubator by Simpals

Faire: Chisinau
Maker: Игорь Мясников
Home: Moldova
Добро пожаловать в Garage - проект Simpals, где мы превращаем смелые гипотезы в инновационные продукты. Мы объединяем наши идеи с техническим мастерством, чтобы преодолевать вызовы. Присоединяйтесь к нам и воплощайте свои идеи в реальность!

Punimals –

Faire: Downtown Columbia
Maker: Art Ross
Home: Maryland, United States
Punimals are a combination of an animal and an object that create a visual/verbal pun. The fun comes from trying to guess what the name of the combination is.

Steven Mosbrucker – The Green Engineers

Faire: Orange County
Maker: Steven Mosbrucker
Home: California, United States
Hi, My name is Steven Mosbrucker. I run a startup called The Green Engineers that focuses on plastic recycling technologies/products/ and making education. I am here to present some of my recycling technologies and maker classes hosted on Udemy.

Syracuse Weavers Guild

Faire: Syracuse
Maker: Syracuse Weavers Guild
Home: New York, United States
The Syracuse Weavers Guild is a friendly, supportive group of local weavers who gather to learn, share and explore the art and craft of weaving. Come see our traveling looms and try your hand at our multishaft weaving and colorful tapestry projects.

Marabunta BAJA SAE

Faire: CDMX (Mexico City)
Maker: Marabunta
Home: CDMX, Mexico
La escudería Marabunta participara en la competencia BAJA SAE Ohio en los Estados Unidos de América para lo cual estamos en busca de patrocinadores y benefactores para con desarrollar con plenitud una representación de México en el extranjero

Speed Motorsports

Faire: Louisville
Maker: Speed Motorsports
Home: United States
Speed Motorsports designs, develops and build vehicles for the Baja SAE and Formula SAE Competition series

Landry’s Exosuit

Faire: Wichita
Maker: Landry Rice
Home: United States
Not really a Business but hobby. I have built a portable Exo-skeleton that I wear on my body. It is quiet.

501st Legion – Southern California Garrison

Faire: Orange County
Home: California, United States
The 501st Legion is a community-oriented Star Wars costuming group that makes screen-accurate costumes using a number of different methods, including but not limited to sewing, vaccuform, sculpting and molding, 3D printing, and more.

InvenTABLE: a kid-safe power tool for cutting cardboard!

Faire: Bay Area
Maker: Team InvenTABLE
Home: Pennsylvania, United States
InvenTABLE is a kid-safe power tool that teaches valuable STEM skills by giving kids ages 8-12 the ability to cut through cardboard and build 3D models with ease. My co-founder Max and I have been working on this product for over a year, and actually first brought it to kids at the Philadelphia Maker Faire and Sussex County Maker Faire in October 2022! Since then, we've used feedback from hundreds of kids, parents, and educators to iterate on and improve our product. We will be launching InvenTABLE at the end of September through Kickstarter, and our Kickstarter will be running throughout the month of October. Come to our table to try the power tool out for yourselves and make some fun projects out of cardboard!


Faire: Rome
Maker: Terrence Briscoe
Our patent, was created with the intention of creating a higienic and safe kit, for all the existing public doors. Our kit, eliminates the classic handles, keys and locks, in order to use one dispositive, that opens/closes and locks/unlocks a door, without using a Direct contact with the hands.

Bike Walk Wichita: ReCycle Shop

Faire: Wichita
Maker: ReCycle Shop Team
Home: United States
Bike Walk Wichita was created in 2010 in response to the growing need for consolidating advocacy and education efforts for biking, running, and walking-related concerns. With the intent of sharing ideas and getting as many bikes in the community.

Bouw je BEP

Faire: Delft
Maker: Joël van Wijngaarden
Home: Zuidholland, Nederland
BEP is een uniek puzzel robotje, waarmee kinderen ontdekken dat er in iedereen een techneut of programmeur schuilt! Leeftijd 6-99

Works of Altaïr

Faire: Brussels
Maker: Maël Niveau
Home: Belgium
Works of Altaïr est spécialisé dans la construction d'objets en bois et métal, dont la forme est pensée pour sa texture et sa sonorité, nés de l'amour du geste. La guitare, le meuble, ou l’oeuvre prend forme dans un dialogue constant avec le client.

Atelier POPI

Faire: Brussels
Maker: alix nicolas
Home: Belgium
Après un master en Dessin et une formation en Ébénisterie et Menuiserie à Bruxelles, j'ai commencé mes propres créations de meubles graphiques. J'utilise: hêtre, multiplex, plexiglass, laiton, résine, peinture, metal,… du bois et de la couleur! Avec la découverte des Fablabs, j'intègre le dessin!

Vida Custom Designs

Faire: Miami
Maker: Drew Viaurrazaga
Home: Florida, United States
Vida Custom Designs is a small minority business founded in 2018 by Drew & Cindy Vidaurrazaga. We specialize in custom productions, using high-quality materials and expertise in CNC millwork, laser cutting/engraving, woodworking, and more!

Udruga INNCRO-IT / Association INCRO-IT

Faire: Sarajevo
Maker: Udruga INNCRO-IT / Association INNCRO-IT
Home: Brodsko-posavska županija, Croatia
Udruga INNCRO-IT udruga je iz Slavonskoga Broda koja se bavi mladim ljudima, projektima, izradom prototipa, radionicama i dr. iz STEM i IT područja. Na MakerFaire Sarajevo predstaviti ćemo svoje aktualne i prošle projekte. Vidimo se! 🙂

Authentic Wood Crafting

Faire: Chisinau
Maker: Vicu Cernei
Home: Moldova
Authentic Wood Crafting este un proiect inițiat de un meșter popular din sat. Lunga, raionul Floresti - Vicu Cernei. Am o experiență amplă de 30 ani în domeniul lemnăritului și o varietate foarte mare de proiecte și produse.


Faire: Bay Area
Maker: The Smile Makers
Home: California, United States
The 'D-Box” is an oversized RC car made from a power wheels car overhauled with a 160 foot-pound torque electric motor powered by two marine batteries, a linear actuator for steering, reinforced frame, aggressive pneumatic go kart tires, and an oversized 1400 watt car stereo.

Makerspace Delft

Faire: Eindhoven
Maker: Paulina Żurawska-Grendysz
Home: Nederland
Experience Makerspace Delft at Maker Faire! See your photographs come to life as Delft Blue tiles with our unique 3D printer. Moreover, you will see our community-made 3D scanner and delve into a world of limitless creativity with many other projects built by our members. Join us to celebrate the joy of making and explore the future of innovation together!

Ploter de dibujo con arduino y Processing

Faire: CDMX (Mexico City)
Maker: Gustavo Lozano
Home: CDMX, Mexico
Robot de dibujo que permite usar plumones, plumas, lápices y otras herramientas para dibujar, trazar y escribir de manera automatizada. Utiliza un Arduino UNO, un shield CNC, motores a pasos, un servo y perfil de aluminio para la estructura.

Honest Reflection

Faire: Pensacola
Maker: Lali Mettta
Home: Florida, United States
Metta Visionary Design is multimedia design studio with focus on oil pastel painting, furniture design, and functional sculpture design. Our booth presentation will a display 6 oil paintings with natural crystals, a three piece functional sculpture fabricated with steel and natural crystals as well as the architectural drawings that are submitted to fabricators. We will showcase the process of design from concept design, how to build drawings, and explanation of fabrication process.

Western North Carolina Woodworkers Association (WNCWA)

Faire: Asheville
Maker: Western North Carolina Woodworkers Association (WNCWA)
Home: North Carolina, United States
WNCWA is a woodworking group promoting interests in making things out of wood. We hold monthly meetings that include a featured topic or go on shop tours or field trips to educate our members in all facets of the woodworking hobby.

Ruth’s Hand Made Jewelry

Faire: Rochester
Maker: Ruth Fountain
Home: New York, United States
Custom handmade Jewelry for all ages. Lots to choose from or have us custom-make Jewelry on the spot.

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