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You Can Learn CAD

Faire: Bay Area
Maker: CADclass
Home: United States
Learning how to make 3D models is the most powerful way to communicate your ideas to people and machines. Makers, engineers, inventors, and product developers all rely heavily on Computer-Aided Design software. Yet, most tutorials are difficult to follow leaving learners confused. In this talk, professional CAD teacher Jake Sugden will set you up for success in learning CAD by demonstrating how to make a scaled replica of the Saturn V Rocket!

3D Štamparija – Projektovanje, Inženjering i Inovacije pomoću 3D Tehnologije

Faire: Sarajevo
Maker: Lazar Dražević
Home: Ivice, Serbia
3D Štamparija Srbija (3D Print Serbia) je Startap Kompanija koja se bavi inovacijama u 3D štampi i razvijanjem proizvoda pomoću 3D tehnologija(3D modeliranje, 3D skeniranje i 3D štampa FDM,SLA i SLS).

3D Printed Math Fun

Faire: Long Island
Maker: St. Joseph's University
Home: New York, United States
We will be sharing various math activities that use 3D printed objects.

Oplay:Wearable Social Game

Faire: Coney Island
Maker: Binyan Xu
Home: New York, United States
Oplay is a series of wearable games. It explores how soft interfaces can amplify the active participation of the seniors and children. Oplay tries to make everyday life playful by incorporating games into daily clothes.

Get to Know Makers Making Change

Faire: Coney Island
Maker: Loreto Dumitrescu
Home: New York, United States
Get to know Makers Making Change! An organization on a mission to leverage the capacity of community-based makers, disability professionals, and volunteers to develop and deliver affordable Open Source Assistive Technologies.

Girasole: Sensing in Farming

Faire: Rome
The system consists of a network of wireless IoT sensors in the shape of a sunflower equipped with a photovoltaic panel and internal battery. These devices are configured to monitor specific applications, and the collected data is transmitted to our completely Italian cloud system, where it is processed by artificial intelligence algorithms to make visible predictions on the Sunflower App. For example, the application supports farmers in reducing water waste for irrigation, reducing fertilizers and treatments, and improving productivity.

Ray’s Robots

Faire: Coney Island
Maker: Ray Rumore
Home: New York, United States
I will be sharing some of my past and current robotics projects.

Sicurezza nei laboratori – “Magic Box” per Industria 4.0

Faire: Rome
Maker: Pianeta Elettronica
The Magic Box is a device that can be used to increase safety in scientific laboratories by reducing electrical risks

Pensacola Droid Builders

Faire: Pensacola
Maker: Pensacola Droid Builders
Home: Alabama, United States
The Pensacola Droid Builders bring your favorite science fiction characters to life. You can give the vital Death Star plans to R2-D2 or go in an adventure through time and space with K-9.

Creadores Mexicanos de steampunk

Faire: CDMX (Mexico City)
Home: CDMX, Mexico
Creadores Mexicanos de steampunk es una comunidad de artistas mexicanos amantes de la ciencia ficción y los retro futurismos. Nos unimos para generar espacios de apoyo, intercambio de ideas y difusión de nuestro trabajo.


Faire: Trieste
Home: GORIZIA, Italy
L'Associazione Amici dell'Orologeria Pesarina , ha avviato un percorso di ideazione e realizzazione di exhibit sugli scappamenti che regolano il tempo negli orologi pubblici e astronomici. Partecipiamo all’edizione 2023 portando quattro exhibit didattici per raccontare le invenzioni di Leonardo, Galileo, Harrison, Rieffler. Quest’ultimo è uno strumento di alta precisione utilizzato dagli osservatori astronomici per la misura del tempo siderale.

3D printed life-size remote controlled R2D2

Faire: Asheville
Maker: Geoff Pavey
Home: North Carolina, United States
Every ones favorite Star Wars Droid! Its full-size, screen accurate, is remotely controlled and has all the great R2 sounds. The project was 3D printed and required over 25kg of filament and over 2600 hours of printing time.

Bottega Collective

Faire: Edmonton
Maker: Minerva Kraushar
Home: Alberta, Canada
Bottega Collective is committed to providing high-quality items at wholesale prices. Jewelry and displays with designs you'll love at prices you can afford.

Interactive Automated Digital Photo Collage

Faire: Syracuse
Maker: Tommy Mintz
Home: New York, United States
The Automated Digital Photo Collage (ADPC) generates time lapse collages. ADPC is a short Python program running on Raspberry Pi, on display are interactive versions.

Area 515 Des Moines Makers Space

Faire: Des Moines
Maker: Area 515 Des Moines Maker Space
Home: Iowa, United States
A non-profit community of makers, artists, and hobbyists. Give your ideas some room!


Faire: Zagreb
Maker: STEMerica
Home: Zagreb, Croatia
Project Stemerica project promotes and brings steam areas closer to children and young people

DIYcave Makerspace

Faire: Central Oregon
Maker: DIYcave Makerspace
Home: Oregon, United States
DIYcave is a community of people just like you. We are: artists, makers, hackers, entrepreneurs and craft enthusiasts with various interests and skills. Come see a representation of our shop and the things our community members create.

MyzharBot v5 – A fully 3D printed intelligent ground robot

Faire: Rome
Maker: Pizza Robotics
MyzharBot v5 represents the latest version of my autonomous robot, showing significant progress. This version boasts a fully 3D printed structure, combining aesthetics with functionality. Equipped with a formidable NVIDIA Jetson embedded PC, it harnesses the power of AI processing to extract intricate 3D details from its surroundings thanks to a state-of-the-art Stereolabs 3D camera. This data allows the robot to make decisions about its route and determine the optimal speed, ensuring maximum safety for those around it. By intelligently analyzing what kind of obstacles it "sees", MyzharBot v5 dynamically adjusts its trajectory, making it a versatile and reliable companion in different scenarios.

2023 IC3D Toys for Tots

Faire: Cranberry TWP
Maker: Daniel Billing
Home: Pennsylvania, United States
We're looking for volunteers to help with the 2023 IC3D Toys for Tots campaign. We need makers who are willing to donate their time and 3D printers to help us create these toys. We'll need help with printing toys, assembly, and packaging!

PC Fisso Portatile – Portable Desktop

Faire: Rome
Maker: Mirko Tumbiolo
Our project consists in changing the common use of a desktop, allowing you to carry it wherever you want with the comfort of a simple backpack. It consists precisely in mounting the hardware on a wooden fiber structure which in turn fits into a specially modified backpack to allow the use of peripherals, an integrated display with stereo sound system and which guarantees adequate cooling. In addition, thanks to a battery we were able to guarantee a desktop computer an autonomy and much greater than a laptop, of 50 hours.

Enterprise Dog Wheelchair

Faire: Pensacola
Maker: UWF Enterprise Dog Wheelchair Team
Home: Florida, United States
UWF Canine Wheelchair Team will design and construct a canine wheelchair capable of providing comfortable seating for canines while effectively mitigating the risks of degenerative disc disease addressing a critical gap in existing offerings.

Mikrotron d.o.o.

Faire: Zagreb
Maker: Tomislav Preksavec
Home: Grad Zagreb, Croatia
Mikrotron d.o.o iz Zagreba, izrađuje projekte bazirane na Arduinu i Raspberry Pi-u, nadograđuje i servisira 3D printere, a najpoznatiji je po makerskom web shopu

Betz Botz

Faire: Milwaukee
Maker: Joseph Betz
Home: Wisconsin, United States
Ever wanted to drive a combat robot? Here's your chance! Battle your friends and learn more about Betz Botz, a Wisconsin based startup focused on growing the sport of combat robot fighting by running monthly competitions and selling robot kits.

Emerald Empire Detachment

Faire: Syracuse
Maker: Emerald Emprire Detachment
Home: New York, United States
Star Wars themed costuming club for all levels of skill and accuracy! 3 words define us, Inclusivity, Community, and Family!

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