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Faire: Rome
Maker: Powermeter Srls
Powermeter has developed smart meter devices for monitoring electricity production and consumption in real time The presentation project of the PowerMeter device for energy communities is ambitious and aims to offer an effective solution for monitoring and managing energy within these ever-growing communities. The PowerMeter device, already appreciated by individual users for monitoring electricity consumption, is now proposed as a valuable resource for energy communities. These communities, often characterized by decentralized production of energy from renewable sources such as solar or wind farms, require an efficient monitoring system to maximize self-consumption and sharing of the energy produced. The presentation of the PowerMeter device for energy communities focuses on three key points. Firstly, real-time monitoring of energy production and consumption by each member of the community. Thanks to PowerMeter, each user will have immediate and detailed access to information on their own energy production and consumption, allowing for more informed and efficient management. Secondly, the PowerMeter device offers the possibility to monitor the energy bought and sold within the community. This makes it possible to establish a precise energy balance, facilitating the fair and transparent sharing of the energy produced among the members of the community. Finally, the presentation project underlines the importance of intuitive visualization of energy data through the dedicated app. PowerMeter provides a comprehensive and understandable overview of energy flows, with clear graphs and statistics that allow for easy interpretation and optimal energy management. Through this presentation, PowerMeter aims to become the ideal partner for energy communities, providing an advanced, easy-to-use monitoring solution capable of supporting intelligent and sustainable management of shared energy.

Italian Cloud meets AI for accelerating full stack developed AI projects

Faire: Rome
We will also show a demo of a project of Generative AI showing how it works and the benefits, for the Italian AI developers, of EU infrastructures that not only accelerate their projects but also add the value of data protection, security and property.


Faire: Rome
Maker: F.A.I.S. OdV
Stomy Craft is a project of FAIS OdV that uses Minecraft to inform and pediatric patients and family members. With gamification, stool bag handling is simulated and appropriate feeding is taught. StomyCraft is a phygital project; alongside the video game, there are physical components: a LEGO-compatible element that can transform a miniature into a character with an ostomy bag and a bag cover that can be customized with the image you prefer. The goal of the project is to improve children's (and caregivers') acceptance of the condition to improve their quality of life.

Un gioco innovativo per l’apprendimento dei più piccoli e non solo

Faire: Rome
Maker: Stefano Del Bufalo
Learning game based on Arduino Nano v3, RFID and MP3 module to listen and learn an infinite amount of concepts by simply changing the RFID cards. the device lends itself to multiple expansions and improvements in all directions: game, culture, nature, history, etc.

AmpDiVa Customlectibles Audio Devices

Faire: Rome
Maker: Studio R.T.S. Rampin ing. Marco
Further to the Switchinglow Project revisited, the DIY EVB for class-D tube audio amplifiers, we show the Realt Time Digital Audio Amplitude Analyzer for digital HiFi users and the Magic Voli, a vintage electronic device to be used as environmental Vu-meter or metronome. A novel study about ESL with grounded stators is also disclosed.

Università e Innovazione: Scienze e Tecnologie Alimentari in Sapienza

Faire: Rome
Maker: Scienze e tecnologie Alimentari - Università degli Studi di Roma La Sapienza
An emerging sector of scientific research in Sapienza is increasingly oriented towards the development of the Agro-Food sector and in particular of the topics related to biotechnology (microbiology and technologies), food quality and safety, food chemistry and nutrition, management and the sustainability of agri-food supply chains. Teams of researchers are involved in several projects, financed at different levels by the European Community, by the MIUR and MASAF Ministries, by the Regions and directly by industry, for developing applied research and technology transfer.

PicoFlutter – Wearable for Learning Electronics

Faire: Rome
Maker: Alexandra Covor
PicoFlutter is a butterfly-shaped wearable development board for learning the basics of embedded programming. This educational tool is RP2040-powered and includes multiple programmable LEDs, as well as a Qwiic connector for adding sensors. This dev kit is perfect for young learners who want to have fun and create their own wearable technology while also learning about electronics, programming, and Edge ML. The device serves as a tool to connect theoretical concepts with practical applications, fostering innovative thinking and cultivating an interest in STEAM fields.

Assorbitore isteretico di vibrazioni per la protezione sismica di edifici

Faire: Rome
Maker: Sapienza Università di Roma
The invention is a device that reduces the magnitude of vibrations when it is installed on civil and industrial structures exposed to dynamic loading, thereby improving both the safety level and the serviceability conditions. The device belongs to the class of tuned-mass dampers and consists of a mass connected to the structure by steel or super-elastic wire ropes. When the structure to be protected is excited, the kinetic energy is transferred to the mass of the device that oscillates with respect to the structure and applies on it a restoring force that works to reduce its motion.

PC Fisso Portatile – Portable Desktop

Faire: Rome
Maker: Mirko Tumbiolo
Our project consists in changing the common use of a desktop, allowing you to carry it wherever you want with the comfort of a simple backpack. It consists precisely in mounting the hardware on a wooden fiber structure which in turn fits into a specially modified backpack to allow the use of peripherals, an integrated display with stereo sound system and which guarantees adequate cooling. In addition, thanks to a battery we were able to guarantee a desktop computer an autonomy and much greater than a laptop, of 50 hours.

uAir – A personal CO2 Monitor

Faire: Rome
Maker: Xuelai Wei
uAir is a portable CO2 monitor for health-conscious individuals. It’s designed and engineered to be an on-bag product. It accurately senses carbon dioxide level and give information on temperature and humidity on an e-paper screen, for users to take action

SmartVan for Camping

Faire: Rome
Maker: Roberto Pompermaier
Using the Smart Van Box, making your camper or van smart becomes child's play. A magic box which, in addition to managing the energy produced by the solar panels, will allow you to monitor and control the services of your camper, conveniently from the mobile app. Whether you're on the road or away from your vehicle. Furthermore, thanks to its sensors and intelligent functions, the Smart Van Box will assist you during all phases of your journey. Taking care of your health and alerting you in case of problems. From the preparation of the trip, to the return home.


Faire: Rome
ARES project was born 4 years ago from the idea of 4 students passionate about the aerospace world and dreamers of a human landing on Mars. They asked themselves a question: how will the resources necessary to survive on a desert planet be found? They developed a project to verify the feasibility of a plantation on the red planet, faithfully recreating the Martian biosphere. An electronic brain will manage the sensors and irrigation of each dome. Finally, all the data will be managed within a portal, implementing a procedure in relation to the IoT.

HoPE – Hands on Physics Experience

Faire: Rome
Maker: INFN - Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare
Assistive technology, music and robotics, applications of physics, electronics and computer science: with the HoPE project, male and female students realise STEAM projects of their own design in groups. The working method is that of collaborative learning and peer education under the guidance of more experienced high school students or university students from the University of Ferrara or MIT, creating high-tech devices with which one can interact directly and that can also inspire other students and makers with their creativity and skills.

Sicurezza nei laboratori – “Magic Box” per Industria 4.0

Faire: Rome
Maker: Pianeta Elettronica
The Magic Box is a device that can be used to increase safety in scientific laboratories by reducing electrical risks

MaCh3D Material Testing (r)Evolution

Faire: Rome
Maker: MaCh3D
For those transforming raw materials into final products and for materials developers, MaCh3D is a Smart Material Testing platform made of an innovative hardware allowing an easier, safer and faster testing procedure, and a cloud platform for material intelligence, enhanced by AI for processes control and materials and processes optimization. Smart Material Testing directly at manufacturing floor will accelerate materials innovation and grow trust in new materials and applications. MaCh3D, (r)Evolution in Material Testing!

World skate at Maker Faire 2023

Faire: Rome
Maker: LDB consulting di Livio di Bartolomeo
World Skate is the global governing organization for roller sports. Always very close to innovation, world skate continuously renews the areas of interest of the sports it governs. Innovation does not only concern the already vast world of wheels but also that of multimedia competition products (esports) in which world skate is among the proudest supporters. Along with this, however, world skate promotes a combination of real sports and digital sports which is always present at its events. Both the strictly digital and traditional parts will be present at the Maker faire venue. National and international athletes will in fact perform on the Half pipe which makes up the proposal together with 8 other stands.

SPARC- Sistema di Potenziamento di autonomia con ricarica continua per smartphone

Faire: Rome
Maker: ITT Bassano Romano
The SPARC project focusses on the design and implementation of a standalone charging system for smartphones. The central idea is to harness the kinetic energy generated by the touch of fingers on the screen, solar energy through a photovoltaic diaper and kinetic energy from an oscillating mass to autonomously recharge smartphone batteries, significantly extending battery life and reducing the need for frequent recharges. -Energy charging through the touch of the screen -Integrated solar panel -Swingling mass -Energy charging with body heat -Double rotating battery Conclusions. The SPARC project promises to revolutionise the smartphone industry, making devices more self-sufficient and sustainable. This technology could be a significant step forward for a more sustainable and technologically advanced future.


Faire: Rome
Maker: Bruno Luziatelli
With Makerino it is possible to quickly create IoT electronic projects and those connected to the network in general, such as: -Smart agriculture systems -Meteorological Stations -Data acquisition and sending to the cloud -Control of remote devices -Low energy consumption IoT projects ideal for: -Students, Professors and Researchers -Makers passionate about electronics and programming -Schools, universities and training institutes. The project of some makers of Officine Robotiche, in the framework of AssoInnovazione.

City Vibe

Faire: Rome
Maker: ITS Academy Meccatronico Veneto
This project is a hardware-software platform that aims at optimizing street lighting through the use of LoRa (long-range) communication technology. Electronics and sensors detect the passage of vehicles on a road section. A central computer determines the optimal light intensity that a road section should receive during low-light hours. Thanks to this technology, it is possible to enable dynamic street lighting according to traffic, with evident energy savings, especially if applied on a large scale. (Collaboration of ITS Academy Meccatronico Veneto and GDS spa)


Faire: Rome
Maker: IIS Edoardo Amaldi Roma
Sport-graf is a device capable of detecting the electrical activity of the muscle through the application of three electrodes on the skin, treated with the Arduino UNO board and a wave amplifier. The device consists of a breadboard housing the components of the power supply and amplification circuits. The amplifier is powered, through a dual generator, by a lithium ion battery. The chip amplifies the signal (INA128P) coming from the three electrodes and supplies an analog output read by the analog port of the Arduino, which, thanks to the serial plotter, shows a graph with the trend of the contraction and distension activity of the muscle fibres.


Faire: Rome
Data-driven integration of satellite data, sensors and drones with A.I. and digital modeling, designed to manage criticalities. Targeting climate change challenges: productivity, profitability, complexity. The current focus is on Agritech (viticulture), but scalable. Our mission is to take care of the analytics process. So that farmers can focus on creating their “unique” product, but at their best. By making proactive and better decisions. Alongside this process users are also supported in minimizing the environmental footprint by reducing the use of chemicals and resource optimization.


Faire: Rome
Our project main goal is to maintain in a great state the wind turbine’s blades The project is divided in four separate part: 1. verify the integrity of the external structure using a drone with a 3D scanner 2. Verify the integrity of the internal structure using a rail robot with a scanner 3. Internal cleaning of the structure is divided in two sections: for the tower a robot with magnetic tracks is used, for the blades a system with rotating brushes is used. 4. Maintenance of the surfaces with a system of smoothing and painting

Parko: RML (Rome Mobility Link)

Faire: Rome
Maker: Khaled Atef Megahed
RML (Rome Mobility Link) empowers sustainable transport, school management, and accessibility through innovative RFID wearables and cloud connectivity.

RoadRunner rover – an autonomous car-like rover based on ROS 2 & AI

Faire: Rome
Maker: Pizza Robotics
This project is a platform to learn, develop and test autonomous mobile car on a little scale. The idea is to build an ecosystem based on ROS 2, microROS and PX4, which allows to create an autonomous rover based on a car-like robot. It is capable of creating maps of the environment, detect objects in real-time and understand the surrounding environment. RoadRunner rover software can be used for simulation and also to discover how autonomous cars are built.

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