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Sweeties handmade

Faire: Rome
Maker: Marzia Grammatico
My greedy boxes are born from handcrafted containers of different shapes and reuse, like jars of ricotta that become cupcakes. I distort felt and crepla by combining other raw materials with these fabrics making them unrecognizable for the use for which they were originally created. I bake Charlotte (sewn biscuits covered with glass sand) and Sacher (brown fommy soaked in glaze). I reproduce pastry chefs' cake design (ruffle and drip cake) using the crepla (reproduces sugar paste) and, with dies, I create borders and decorations to enrich tiered cakes.

Learn From Gaming In The EdTech Area

Faire: Rome
Maker: Italian Video Game Academy
Gaming is a rapidly growing phenomenon that has long transcended the boundaries of pure entertainment. The video game industry has reached significant proportions, extending to the point where it culturally influences multiple generations. Video games are becoming increasingly complex and engaging, naturally generating new opportunities for the development of digital, professional, and social skills. Today, we can define it as a diverse universe rich in opportunities, stimuli, and challenges. Gaming is, in fact, also a tool for education, a professional alternative, but also a new language for transferring knowledge, connecting the real world to the digital one.


Faire: Rome
Maker: ITI Galileo Ferraris Scampia Napoli
Automa, eco-sustainable and ecological that aims to combat the pollution of marine ecosystems through the use of artificial intelligence and a cutting-edge telecommunications network.

RLP 3D Printing for Everyone

Faire: Rome
Maker: Nebula
Our project is to create an affordable RLP (Rapid Liquid Printing) 3D printer. This innovative technology allows physical objects to be designed by extruding liquid material into a gel using a robot. The printer offers advantages such as production speed and the ability to create large objects without the need for structural supports. Our goal is to make this technology replicable using readily available equipment, allowing makers and schools to experiment and inspire everyone's creativity.

Hand In Hand

Faire: Rome
Maker: Hand in Hand
Hand in Hand is a nonprofit organization with a mission to supply top-tier 3D printed prosthetics to amputees in Egypt who encounter financial obstacles when trying to obtain prosthetics. Our main focus is harnessing the latest advancements in additive manufacturing technology to craft prosthetic limbs that are tailored, comfortable, and functional, addressing the unique requirements of each person. Our ultimate aim is to elevate the quality of life for amputees in Egypt by furnishing them with prosthetics that empower increased mobility, self-reliance, and assurance. Through the utilization of 3D printing, we strive to create prosthetic devices that are not only economical but also exceptionally adaptable, permitting us to meet a range of limb loss levels and specific lifestyle prerequisites. Our team of experts delivers guidance and emotional support to amputees, aiding them in acclimating to and making the most of their new prosthetic devices. The impact of Hand in Hand's efforts will go beyond the amputees themselves, resonating with families, communities, and society at large, and nurturing sentiments of understanding, inclusiveness, and communal obligation.


Faire: Rome
Maker: FVA - New Media Research
PlanetART, organized by the EU-funded projects GenB and BlueMissionMed, raises public awareness on the green and blue circular economy. The stand is divided into: 1) Green economy: playful program to involve young people on the bioeconomy. Games, workshops, escape rooms, reading of the book "What’s Bioeconomy?" and exhibition of bio-based products. The stand hosts artworks by artists who use residues and biomaterials. 2) Blue economy: the public can interact with the cardboard wall "Our blue treasure", to express their connection with the sea and discover how to mitigate the pollution of seas and waters. The stand features artworks by artists who use recycled plastic collected from the sea.

AmpDiVa Customlectibles Audio Devices

Faire: Rome
Maker: Studio R.T.S. Rampin ing. Marco
Further to the Switchinglow Project revisited, the DIY EVB for class-D tube audio amplifiers, we show the Realt Time Digital Audio Amplitude Analyzer for digital HiFi users and the Magic Voli, a vintage electronic device to be used as environmental Vu-meter or metronome. A novel study about ESL with grounded stators is also disclosed.

Solution for real-time pedestrian traffic monitoring

Faire: Rome
Introducing Dropper's Cutting-Edge Urban Pedestrian Traffic Monitoring System: Utilizing advanced radar technology and 5G connectivity, it offers real-time data for enhanced safety and urban planning in dynamic city environments.

Innovative buoyancy elements for snorkeling, scuba diving and deep sea applications

Faire: Rome
Maker: Rainer Kuth
Problem: During scuba diving and other deep sea / underwater applications common tools like lamps, cameras, knifes, fins, masks, etc. sink fast when accidentally lost, because their density is higher than water. Sportive divers with deep-licenses can dive up to 40m for a short time and tech divers for app. 100m after complex preparation of highly sophisticated equipment and training. Loss of tools is frequent, expensive and dangerous, because sea is deeper than that at most places. Challenge: Manufacturing buoyancy elements + with a density significantly less than water + while these shall withstand high hydraulic pressure + while the buoyancy force should be exactly defined and independent of depth is not trivial. Solution: 3d printing / additive manufacturing using special parameters upon printing and optionally with hybrid processes support making buoyancy elements with individual shape and buoyancy force. With such e.g. a loss of a mask with individual glasses for 1000€ is avoided: the mask will slowly rise to the water surface for save and easy recovery. Making such buoyancy elements is possible with a 3d printer for less than 500€, a free 3d construction software and a free slicing software using special parameters. Contribution: I will show on the booth: + Free design software for buoyancy elements + Free slicing software +

Steampunk 99 ETS – Abbigliamento e accessori Steampunk e Fantasy

Faire: Rome
Maker: Steampunk 99 ETS
Steampunk 99 ETS is an association of enthusiasts dedicated to spreading Steampunk culture in all its forms through the artisanal production of clothing, gadgets and accessories with a Victorian and Fantasy theme. Its associates make Victorian and Fantasy themed clothing, gadgets and accessories by hand or with the help of 3D design and numerical control machines such as 3D printers, laser cutting, hot wire cutting and CNC milling.

Circular Farm la fattoria urbana circolare

Faire: Rome
Maker: Antonio Di Giovanni
Circular Farm is an urban farm, inspired by the circularity of nature. In our circular agricultural process we produce Oyster mushrooms reusing the coffee grounds from the bars and other product like medical mushrooms, micro-vegetable, flours, eggs, worm humus and compost. Our process is innovative, because we use a vertical systems of cultivation in the shipping containers, out of land. In addition to the production of mushrooms, our company produces micro-vegetables and vegetables from hydroponic cultivation systems (aquaponic system) and with a synergic garden. From the mushrooms substrate, we make a compost pile and thanks of the aerobic fermentation we produce hot water that we use in winter time for heating our greenhouse. In our Circular Farm space we organize educational tour for schoosl, experience, workshops and training for the people that want to replicate our circular system.

Carbonium – LISA

Faire: Rome
Maker: Carbonium
LISA is a museum video guide in sign language, a device that allows deaf visitors to take advantage of the otherwise inaccessible insights of audio guides, using artificial intelligence algorithms to recognize works of art. LISA is an open source project, and is intended to be easily configurable and adaptable to individual museums.


Faire: Rome
Maker: Full Muscle Gym
allenamenti personalizzati ed integrazione mirata per rendere al massimo in qualsiasi sport

Polyter®: La rivoluzione verde dell’agricoltura – Conservazione dell’acqua, aumento della produttività e sostenibilità in un unico granulato innovativo!”

Faire: Rome
Maker: Agrifertile srl
Polyter® is a revolutionary agricultural project that addresses global challenges related to pollution, energy costs, food security, global warming, and water scarcity. Its main objective is water conservation, a precious and limited resource often wasted in large quantities, especially in the agricultural sector. Polyter® is a unique fertilizing hydro-retainer that comes in the form of granules. These granules have an extraordinary capacity to absorb water from 160 to 300 times their dry weight, functioning as a water reservoir for plants. Moreover, Polyter® acts as a permanent dispenser of water and fertilizers to meet the plants' needs, providing them with everything they require to grow and develop optimally. What makes Polyter® truly exceptional is its ability to lower soil temperature, reducing plant stress. It works as a kind of refrigerated dispenser, ensuring optimal root, vegetative, fruit, and flower development. Balanced fertilizers specifically designed to nourish root development are incorporated within Polyter®, which is an essential element for plant growth. Polyter® seamlessly integrates with the roots, becoming an integral and optimal part of the plant. The versatility of Polyter® is one of its main strengths. It can be used in all types of crops and on all types of soil, allowing for broad applicability in both agricultural and horticultural contexts. Worldwide, agronomists, researchers, and inventors have been searching for hidden freshwater sources, but current methodologies fail to address the massive water waste in agriculture. Polyter® represents a breakthrough in this direction. The benefits of Polyter® are manifold. Firstly, it enables water savings of at least 50% to 80%, ensuring more efficient water resource management. Additionally, it reduces fertilizer consumption by 30% to 50%, optimizing yield, quality, and production sustainability. Polyter® also acts as a growth activator, advancing cultivation cycles and increasing root mass by 3 to 5 times. This translates into higher agricultural productivity, ranging from 30% to 100% depending on the crop type. Another important aspect is that Polyter® is completely biodegradable in the soil, with a degradation period ranging from 3 to 5 years, depending on the number of bacteria present in the soil. This further enhances Polyter®'s sustainability and environmental impact. In addition to water savings and improved crop yields, Polyter® plays a fundamental role in soil regeneration. It acts as a synthetic "earthworm," aerating, stabilizing, and binding the soil. Furthermore, it contributes to humus restructuring and reduces losses from evaporation and leaching. This promotes soil health and preserves long-term fertility. Safety is a top priority for Polyter®. It leaves no residues in the soil or in fruit and vegetable crops, as confirmed by accredited analyses. This aspect is crucial to ensure the quality and safety of food produced using Polyter®. Participating in the Maker Faire Rome represents an exceptional opportunity for us to share the innovation of Polyter® with the public. Our project offers tangible solutions to water-related challenges, sustainable agriculture, and environmental preservation. We are proud to present an idea that combines technology with ecology, promoting more efficient and environmentally friendly agricultural practices. Thanks to our participation in the Maker Faire Rome, we can demonstrate how Polyter® works through an exhibition that includes a table to showcase our products, a display to illustrate Polyter® granules, a computer, and a screen to present case studies, photos, and videos showcasing the extraordinary results achieved. Additionally, we will have an informative panel to provide further details about the project. We are excited to be part of such a stimulating event and to present Polyter® as an innovation that will transform sustainable agriculture. Our goal is to contribute to a future where water resources are used responsibly, and the environment is preserved.


Faire: Rome
Maker: hydrohunter di Tamburrino Daniela
Hydrohunter's future plan is to be able to solve the drought problem. Also help the small farmer who does not have a large amount of money to invest in a water research project. Report whether there is an aquifer on your land, whether this water resource is convenient or not. That is, the risk-benefit ratio is valid for designing an artesian well.

VRAILEXIA – Think outside the box

Faire: Rome
Maker: Università degli Studi della Tuscia
VRAILEXIA aims at realizing innovative tools and services for supporting academic studies of students with dyslexia. BESPECIAL platform, thanks to the use of artificial intelligence algorithms, can be used by students with dyslexia to improve the learning methodologies, guaranteeing an inclusive learning environment. Moreover, a virtual reality scenario has been developed to improve the awareness of teachers and community on dyslexia through empathy. Finally, REASY, an application for smartphone, tablet and PC, allows to digitalize studying materials, making them accessible and editable according to the needs of each student.

SPOCH – Smart Protection of Cultural Heritage

Faire: Rome
Maker: Fondazione ITS BACT
Human – Machine Collaboration - Industry 5.0, Hi-Tech modular system composed of glove, drone, microscope and APP enhanced with IoT devices and ML Artificial Intelligence to identify the type of degradation and material in the Restoration of Cultural Heritage. Smart Hand (Glove) with carbon frame, digital/electronic camera and microscope, air quality sensor, laser scanner to safely enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the data collection process in the non-invasive preliminary and diagnostic investigation of Architectural Restoration; through Cloud APPs and ML Machine Learning models.

LUCIESP – Monitor display in tempo reale per inverter zucchetti-sofarsolar-voltronic e batterie pylontech, weco e seplos

Faire: Rome
Maker: giuseppe de lorenzo
Updated information about your inverter every 5 seconds ... at a glance!

Hermes’ Friends

Faire: Rome
Hermes' Friends is an App designed to inform and monitor drivers engaged in loading, transporting and unloading goods services. The App will allow you to: -Inform companies about the real-time location of the driver -Report any road inconveniences such as heavy traffic, accidents, works in progress -Monitor drivers' driving and rest times -Locate rest areas Functions: -Provides real-time driving directions -Indicates places of accommodation and catering -Be able to book and review hotels/motels and refreshment areas The new technology will allow companies to have greater control over the work of drivers. Restaurateurs will be able to access the application and, thanks to the reviews, will be able to adapt their menu to customer needs.

Cirillo – MultiFactotum Robot

Faire: Rome
Maker: Sapienza Università di Roma
Thanks to the use of LLMs (starting with the most famous chatGPT), the idea was to create a robot that can be programmed in natural language even by elderly people who are unfamiliar with technology. Moreover, the robot can monitor the house by walking around the rooms and alerting the homeowner in case of need. In short, the first 'companion' robot made from inexpensive components.

MyzharBot v5 – A fully 3D printed intelligent ground robot

Faire: Rome
Maker: Pizza Robotics
MyzharBot v5 represents the latest version of my autonomous robot, showing significant progress. This version boasts a fully 3D printed structure, combining aesthetics with functionality. Equipped with a formidable NVIDIA Jetson embedded PC, it harnesses the power of AI processing to extract intricate 3D details from its surroundings thanks to a state-of-the-art Stereolabs 3D camera. This data allows the robot to make decisions about its route and determine the optimal speed, ensuring maximum safety for those around it. By intelligently analyzing what kind of obstacles it "sees", MyzharBot v5 dynamically adjusts its trajectory, making it a versatile and reliable companion in different scenarios.

Precious Plastic Torino

Faire: Rome
Maker: ivan martini
Precious Plastic is an open source community that was born in 2013 by the Dutch designer Dave Hakkens. Over time it has spread all over the world with about 8,000 active recycling and dissemination centers on the subject of domestic plastic recycling with self-built machinery.

Keeping Miners Safe With Arduino

Faire: Rome
Maker: Jhansi Kalluri
Safety is a paramount concern in the mining industry, given the high-risk nature of activities involved. Workers engaged in drilling, blasting, excavation, and heavy machinery operations face potential hazards that can jeopardize their well-being. To ensure their protection and prevent accidents with severe consequences, Jhansi has developed a groundbreaking solution: the mining worker safety helmet. This innovative helmet goes beyond traditional head protection by integrating additional features designed to enhance worker safety in the mining environment. It serves as a workforce guardian, actively working to safeguard the miners’ lives. By leveraging technology, Jhansi has created a powerful tool that not only prevents head injuries but also offers a suite of functionalities to mitigate risks.

Insigno by MindsHub – Playful cleanup

Faire: Rome
Maker: Mindshub APS
Insigno is an open source cross-platform application, which has been created in response to the necessities of our local administration. Insigno enables its users to localise abandoned litter left on the ground, while at the same time engaging them by searching and collecting it. Additionally, this application devotes special attention to encouraging teenagers to use their smartphones more consciously, thanks to a fun gaming approach.

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