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Medical procedures on virtual patients.

Faire: Rome
Maker: VETRO (Virtual Experience with Tactile RObotics)
The project proposes an innovative interaction between physical and virtual reality using Weart's touchDIVER and the Oculus Rift S visor. The operator uses the touchDIVER and the visor to immerse himself in the virtual environment. A robotic hand replicates the movements of the physical hand, allowing interaction with virtual objects, including a CT-reconstructed abdominal section. The touchDIVER provides haptic feedback of force, temperature and texture. The aim is to offer an innovative medical simulation experience for surgeons, doctors and students, facilitating practice and learning.


Faire: Rome
Maker: Kevin McAleer
WHAT IS BUBO-2T Bubo-2T is a robotic owl made in the Steampunk style. INSPIRATION Bubo was the name of the clockwork owl in the 1981 movie Clash of the Titans. It was animated by Ray Harryhousen. I’ve taken inspiration from other movie characters such as the Nautilus from the movie 20,000 Leagues under the Sea. I was also inspired by Tick Tock - the clockwork tin man from the movie Return to Oz. My other inspirations are creators of companion robots, such as Alex Glow and her Archie robot, Jorvon Moss, and also creators of wearable tech, such as Naomi Wu and Sophy Wong. Bubo-2T features advanced AI and machine learning and can detect hand gestures made in front of it. FEATURES 2 large eyes that open and close using 2 servers, one per eye Opening and closing mouth Each eye contains an Neopixel ring that is animated via a Raspberry Pi Pico The Pico is also connected via UART to a Raspberry Pi 4 2Gb One of the eyes also contains a Raspberry Pi Camera 3 Wide module The camera module enables the user to strike a pose, the hand gestures are detected and the camera will take a picture and tweet it to Twitter or Toot it to Mastodon (thats what the 2T or tooty means). For more information about Bubo-2T visit

ELIO IOT: The most complete IOT development board

Faire: Rome
Maker: Maestry Srl
ELIO is a special set of electronic boards dedicated to teaching and prototyping of electronic projects through visual programming. ELIO IOT is the "brain" of the ELIO ecosystem and is the most complete board on the market based on the new ESP32-S3 microcontroller. ELIO PLAY is the visual editor that allows you to program boards simply by dragging and combining a large set of logic commands.

Open IoT

Faire: Rome
Maker: Christian Iannella
Open IoT is my idea of ​​home automation. This project wants to give hobbyists and professionals the possibility to create their own home automation system, providing them with IoT devices that are as compact as possible and Arduino compatible. All strictly open-source and open-hardware. Domotica open wants to offer the flexibility of an Arduino board with Wi-Fi connectivity in a ready-to-use device, the devices already available are Wi-Fi Relay, Wi-Fi Encoder, Wi-Fi T/H Sensor and Wi-Fi LED Driver -Fi. The devices are equipped with ESP32/ESP8266 which makes them extremely powerful, versatile and compatible with a wide range of tools such as the Arduino ecosystem, HomeAssistant etc. As already mentioned, these devices are ready for use, i.e. they are equipped with an on-board power supply which makes them suitable for connection to a domestic system with a form factor which allows them to be installed in common flush-mounting boxes. With a special USB adapter it is possible to load your own firmware via Arduino IDE, PlatformIO etc. in order to adapt the device to the most varied needs.

REACT – Heartbeat dynamic monitor

Faire: Rome
Maker: Marco De Spirito
VO2 is a commonly used index to notify users of their fitness level, which, when measured with wearable devices, can, however, provide inaccurate assessments due to the low quantity and quality of recorded data. To overcome this problem, we have developed REACT, a biosignal processing method based on artificial intelligence algorithms, to characterize heart rate dynamics in real time while providing a personalized tool to support training and cardiovascular risk reduction.


Faire: Rome
Maker: Sapienza Università di Roma
"Mangioco" is a set of multi-sensory tools for children, designed for the period after weaning and before the transition to classic cutlery. It is a time when the child discovers new foods and textures for the first time. The set consists of three elements, designed to be 3D printed with biodegradable materials, attributable to the typical cutlery (fork, knife, spoon). It represents an introductory tool to cutlery, aimed at preventing the emergence of food neophobia thanks to the knowledge of food through the senses and the game.

Smart Sensor for Testing Agrifood Quality & Safety at the Point of Care

Faire: Rome
Maker: Sapienza Università di Roma
The Device we present is a Lab-on-Chip. It consists of a system on glass (SoG), where are integrated photosensors for light detection, a thermalization system and sensors for controlling the temperature. The SoG is coupled with a microfluidic system where biological assay occurs and allows the detection of mycotoxins and food pathogens. The system is contained in a portable metallic box. The assays consist of specific recognition elements for the detection of the mycotoxins, which identify the target (mycotoxins) and emits a luminescent signal when the target is present. The luminescent signal is then detected by the photosensors. In the case of food pathogens, the system is able to perform a molecular test: identify a specific DNA sequence of the pathogens, which is amplified and detected by the photosensors following the luminescent signal generated during the DNA amplification. The thermalization system ensures the reactions occurring at the requested temperature.

Aqua&Terra: save the water to save the Earth

Faire: Rome
Maker: ITTS Alessandro Volta di Tivoli - Guidonia
The project aims to optimise water use through the integration of local and remote data. Soil moisture information is used together with weather forecasts to accurately determine when is the best time to irrigate. The system measures the humidity of the soil through the use of a sensor and decides whether to activate irrigation on the basis of the values ​​relating to the last few hours and the weather forecast data, taken through the invocation of web services. The acquired data is sent to a cloud platform for monitoring humidity levels and sensors.

Assorbitore isteretico di vibrazioni per la protezione sismica di edifici

Faire: Rome
Maker: Sapienza Università di Roma
The invention is a device that reduces the magnitude of vibrations when it is installed on civil and industrial structures exposed to dynamic loading, thereby improving both the safety level and the serviceability conditions. The device belongs to the class of tuned-mass dampers and consists of a mass connected to the structure by steel or super-elastic wire ropes. When the structure to be protected is excited, the kinetic energy is transferred to the mass of the device that oscillates with respect to the structure and applies on it a restoring force that works to reduce its motion.

Il pendolo e la meraviglia

Faire: Rome
Maker: Antonio Ianiero
Since 2012 I have built various machines that shares the common feature to make unexpected and surprising things. For the Maker Faire Rome events of 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2022, I created an exhibition in my booth showcasing some machines that I called "Thaumachines." The purpose was to popularize the beauty of Science and to inspire visitors to explore the same boundaries between Science, perception, and Art that I once explored myself. Many of those machines were based on the careful and coordinated use of oscillatory motions. - Double pendulum - Multipendulum - Harmonograph - Laser sound visualizer This year, I will present an expanded version of the exhibition by transforming the harmonograph into a mechanical oscilloscope and creating a three-dimensional laser visualization of sounds.

Piaccadino^2 – titolatore automatico per alimenti

Faire: Rome
Maker: Università degli Studi della Tuscia
Piaccadino^2 is an affordable automatic titrator for analyzing organic acids in plant tissues. It uses Arduino, a pH probe, a thermoresistor, and a stepper motor. Improvements include enhanced precision, wireless connectivity, and Python programmability. Suitable for research and education, it offers a low-cost and customizable solution for more accurate and reproducible titrations.

Elaisian – Il Sistema di Supporto alle Decisioni in agricoltura

Faire: Rome
Maker: Elaisian srl
Elaisian offers a precision agriculture service to prevent diseases in olive groves, vineyards, and almond orchards and to have a continuous decision support system (SSD) for field interventions. The service is based on SSDs related to pest management and SSDs related to satellite imagery (for all crops). This enables farmers to reduce phytosanitary treatments and optimize fertilization and irrigation. Elaisian offers the installation of weather stations in the field connected to an app where notifications and alerts on pathogen development are sent. We have different types of services that allow us to give accessibility to farms of all sizes and therefore with different economic possibilities. The following sections are available in the app: 5-day weather forecast, self-set alerts (weather parameter, value range, message sending interval), notifications (non-severe messages on plant and pathogen development), alerts (threshold severity messages), field notebook (linked to algorithms), map and reports from satellite images. The pathogen forecasting service is applied for olive groves, vineyards and almond orchards. Through the use of proprietary algorithms we are able to calculate the development of pathogens and plants, which, when correlated, allow us to calculate the infection rate of pathogens with high accuracy. We also use satellite images to calculate vegetation and water indices that are useful for monitoring soils and always have a control for optimizing fertilization and irrigation.


Faire: Rome

Invaerso: design & innovazione, artigianalità e upcycling.

Faire: Rome
Maker: Invaerso di Maria Clelia Scuteri
Invaerso was born from a project by the Roman designer Maria Clelia Scuteri, who with this brand wants to tell her own design vision in the approach to design. The creative process, when free to express itself outside any conventional scheme, becomes an infinite flow of ideas, capable of making anything possible. The jewel is a pretext: the aspiration is to create Designs to wear; something that has the ability to leave its mark, that is beautiful to look at and unique to "experience", but at the same time that knows how to tell a story, and has its own compositional, formal, material and conceptual identity. It doesn't matter if fluid or straight lines, soft or rigid; it is the design approach that aims at a continuous and incessant research towards an evolutionary goal made up of experiments without "rules" understood as preconceptions. "The only goal to strive for is the creation of something unexpected and unique, outside of what we consider ordinary". How? Through the creation of a unique and complex supply chain , the result of a strong creative sensitivity capable of subverting traditional rules combined with the use of different production techniques set up in a system that is always different (including: traditional metal casting, 3d printing technology , upcycling of industrial materials, lost wax, the craftsmanship of filigree).

Cheap Fit

Faire: Rome
Maker: Cheap Fit
Cheap Fit aims to reduce sedentariness: a problem that results in 14.6 percent of deaths in Italy. We intend to combat corporate employee sedentariness and exercise inconstancy, improving business performance and reducing the negative spin-offs of these issues. The app incentivizes users with gamification logic to exercise, get a digital reward, for each step or kcal consumed, and challenge each other in tournaments. Through Corporate Wellness plans, companies invest in wellness, benefiting from increased company productivity and motivation.

A biphasic metamaterial with simultaneous insulation of vibration and noise

Faire: Rome
Maker: Sapienza Università di Roma
A fluid-solid biphasic 3D printable mechanical metamaterial can be capable of simultaneous insulation of elastic and acoustic waves, which is essential for efficient sound and vibration isolation solutions. The structural design of biphasic periodic material is inspired by the triply periodic minimal surface lattice, which is suited to maintain the two phases separated from each other. To analyze the performance of metamaterials, dispersion relationships need to be calculated. Finite element models and optimization algorithms are applied to look for the largest realizable frequency stopband.

SASA – Sapienza Rocket Team

Faire: Rome
Maker: Sapienza Rocket Team
Minerva is the flagship project of Sapienza Rocket Team, a sounding rocket whose expected altitude touches 3000 m. It will be the result of the knowledge and skills acquired over the years by the Team members. Starting from the optimization of the external aerodynamics using specific algorithms, moving on to implementing an airbrake system designed to guarantee maximum precision in reaching the mission altitude, it will be made almost entirely of composite materials to ensure the best structural performance.

Sandwich – The Robot

Faire: Rome
Maker: Pizza Robotics
Sandwich is a small open-source ROS-based robot built over a Jetson Nano, to learn, experiment, and test vision algorithms. It is built with modular mechanical components, easy to improve and expand. Sandwich can be remotely operated, with a custom web-based interface, or can autonomously navigate the environment using a deep learning-based algorithm to perceive obstacles. It can follow objects, people or specific markers.

Polyter®: La rivoluzione verde dell’agricoltura – Conservazione dell’acqua, aumento della produttività e sostenibilità in un unico granulato innovativo!”

Faire: Rome
Maker: Agrifertile srl
Polyter® is a revolutionary agricultural project that addresses global challenges related to pollution, energy costs, food security, global warming, and water scarcity. Its main objective is water conservation, a precious and limited resource often wasted in large quantities, especially in the agricultural sector. Polyter® is a unique fertilizing hydro-retainer that comes in the form of granules. These granules have an extraordinary capacity to absorb water from 160 to 300 times their dry weight, functioning as a water reservoir for plants. Moreover, Polyter® acts as a permanent dispenser of water and fertilizers to meet the plants' needs, providing them with everything they require to grow and develop optimally. What makes Polyter® truly exceptional is its ability to lower soil temperature, reducing plant stress. It works as a kind of refrigerated dispenser, ensuring optimal root, vegetative, fruit, and flower development. Balanced fertilizers specifically designed to nourish root development are incorporated within Polyter®, which is an essential element for plant growth. Polyter® seamlessly integrates with the roots, becoming an integral and optimal part of the plant. The versatility of Polyter® is one of its main strengths. It can be used in all types of crops and on all types of soil, allowing for broad applicability in both agricultural and horticultural contexts. Worldwide, agronomists, researchers, and inventors have been searching for hidden freshwater sources, but current methodologies fail to address the massive water waste in agriculture. Polyter® represents a breakthrough in this direction. The benefits of Polyter® are manifold. Firstly, it enables water savings of at least 50% to 80%, ensuring more efficient water resource management. Additionally, it reduces fertilizer consumption by 30% to 50%, optimizing yield, quality, and production sustainability. Polyter® also acts as a growth activator, advancing cultivation cycles and increasing root mass by 3 to 5 times. This translates into higher agricultural productivity, ranging from 30% to 100% depending on the crop type. Another important aspect is that Polyter® is completely biodegradable in the soil, with a degradation period ranging from 3 to 5 years, depending on the number of bacteria present in the soil. This further enhances Polyter®'s sustainability and environmental impact. In addition to water savings and improved crop yields, Polyter® plays a fundamental role in soil regeneration. It acts as a synthetic "earthworm," aerating, stabilizing, and binding the soil. Furthermore, it contributes to humus restructuring and reduces losses from evaporation and leaching. This promotes soil health and preserves long-term fertility. Safety is a top priority for Polyter®. It leaves no residues in the soil or in fruit and vegetable crops, as confirmed by accredited analyses. This aspect is crucial to ensure the quality and safety of food produced using Polyter®. Participating in the Maker Faire Rome represents an exceptional opportunity for us to share the innovation of Polyter® with the public. Our project offers tangible solutions to water-related challenges, sustainable agriculture, and environmental preservation. We are proud to present an idea that combines technology with ecology, promoting more efficient and environmentally friendly agricultural practices. Thanks to our participation in the Maker Faire Rome, we can demonstrate how Polyter® works through an exhibition that includes a table to showcase our products, a display to illustrate Polyter® granules, a computer, and a screen to present case studies, photos, and videos showcasing the extraordinary results achieved. Additionally, we will have an informative panel to provide further details about the project. We are excited to be part of such a stimulating event and to present Polyter® as an innovation that will transform sustainable agriculture. Our goal is to contribute to a future where water resources are used responsibly, and the environment is preserved.


Faire: Rome
Maker: FVA - New Media Research
PlanetART, organized by the EU-funded projects GenB and BlueMissionMed, raises public awareness on the green and blue circular economy. The stand is divided into: 1) Green economy: playful program to involve young people on the bioeconomy. Games, workshops, escape rooms, reading of the book "What’s Bioeconomy?" and exhibition of bio-based products. The stand hosts artworks by artists who use residues and biomaterials. 2) Blue economy: the public can interact with the cardboard wall "Our blue treasure", to express their connection with the sea and discover how to mitigate the pollution of seas and waters. The stand features artworks by artists who use recycled plastic collected from the sea.

Saving Plants thanks to Nanotechnology

Faire: Rome
Maker: Università degli Studi della Tuscia
Nanotechnology could help us in giving a new life to agro-food waste by converting the main components of lignocellulosic biomasses in nanoscaled products. In comparison to their bulk counterpart, organic nanomaterials, such as cellulose nanocrystals, lignin nanocapsules, chitosan nanoparticles, exhibit a whole range of different biochemical properties, which can be exploited to develop innovative nano-agrochemicals or to deliver active principles useful to control crop diseases, such as fungal and bacterial plant pathogens.

Rosa Di Scena Luminosa Radiocomandata

Faire: Rome
Maker: Giorgio Liberini
A remote-controlled rose, an integral part of the 'Frantumi' performance by Mizar Tagliavini. This rose illuminates during the show thanks to a NodeMCU and a neopixel matrix. Additionally, it uses micro wireless LEDs as an alternative light source and harnesses a magnetic field generated by an invisible copper coil. The aim is to unite art and science, demonstrating the interdependence between creativity and innovation. We hope to inspire people and bring them closer to theater through science, as well as introduce them to technology through a love for the theater

SAFE VR – Un metaverso sicuro ed inclusivo per tutti

Faire: Rome
Maker: Fondazione Istituto Tecnico Superiore per le Tecnologie della Informazione e della Comunicazione
SAFE VR will allow you to navigate in an inclusive Metaverse session accessible to all. Through a demo created on Spacial, users will be able to enter a dimension of Augmented Reality not only through the Oculus, but also from PC and/or mobile. Here four tools designed and created ad hoc (high contrast QR, illuminated walking strip, dixlexia free texts, audio) will allow easier navigation for subjects who are not inclined to use new technologies, as well as for visually impaired subjects or with difficulties related to example for dyslexia.

Sedia a rotelle elettrica per tetraplegici

Faire: Rome
Maker: IIS Tito Sarrocchi
In the 2022-2023 school year, the students of class IV and V of the Electronic Robotics specialization allowed tetraplegic people, i.e., person with inability to voluntarily move the upper and lower parts of the body, to move independently and using the residual mobility of the head. An Arduino NANO 33 BLE and an inertial sensor present on board allow to intercept the movements of the head and, through the Bluetooth module, the information of the head movements is delivered to a self-built Master board and subsequently, through the DAC, the voltages are created to run the engines. Moreover, a set of sensors on the perimeter of the wheelchair avoids obstacles and a LIDAR sensor helps reconstruct the surrounding environment.