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Outdoor education for all

Faire: Rome
Maker: Università degli Studi Roma Tre
Outdoor education for all is a pedagogical Project aimed to introduce schools, children and students to the idea of cultural heritage and material culture. By selecting one artistic monument children and students are able to appreciate the local heritage and create their own products. Sharing the Opera is a valuable moment to show how the past can be renovate in the present in theory and in practice.


Faire: Rome
Maker: IIS Galilei Artiglio
The LAGOrà project aims to make students passionate about science and technology starting from problems close to them and making them active protagonists of the monitoring process. In fact, the boys built instruments (control units for detecting atmospheric pollutants, pH meters, phreatimeters, handcrafted microscopes) to evaluate the state of health of Massaciuccoli Lake, and contributed to producing solutions and fundamental data for setting up campaigns of environmental remediation aimed at raising awareness among citizens and institutions, establishing a vicious circle of collaboration, citizen science and good practices.


Faire: Rome
Maker: Beatrice Bocci
ACTA is an Eco-sustainable Collection, inspired by Etruscan history, in a contemporary and genderless vision. This collection is made with the use of eco-sustainable, recycled and stock fabrics and t is also embellished with traditional hand embroideries and uses a technological processing through 3D printing. ACTA differs in inclusiveness: it abolishes the difference in size, and looks with care and attensions towards genres: genderfluid, manwear, womanwear. All garments are made to measure and in limited editions. CLO3D, Artificial Intelligence, 3D Printing take place in each phases of the creative process.

Business Models for supporting Innovation Startups

Faire: Rome
Maker: Università degli Studi della Tuscia
Innovation with a formalized Business Model identifies a successful Startup ready to face the market. The organizational and gamification tools are "accelerators" that allow the identification of the elements of one's corporate architecture, the potential customer, the distribution channels and one's profitability, but above all to define the experience that the customer will have to experience in using the innovative product/service. An effective and "cost effective" consultancy for those who want to digitally change or innovate their Business Model.


Faire: Rome
Maker: Bruno Luziatelli
From the Pick&Place to the finished board (the #ESPy32). Project that involves the presentation of all phases from the design of the diagram, to the definition of the PCB, by means of CAD, to the creation of the circuit, to the assembly of the SMD components, through the specially created Pick&Place, up to the passage in the oven at controlled temperature for welding and finally testing. Both for educational purposes and for Maker projects. The project could be presented in technical schools. The project of some makers of Officine Robotiche, in the framework of AssoInnovazione.

Isola Ecologica

Faire: Rome
Maker: Avelon Bardhi
"Isola Ecologica" was conceived with the purpose of entertaining children whilst also contributing toward memory development and awareness regarding a very important contemporary theme. The game will consist of 1 board divided into 4 different environments (Beach, City, Park and Countryside), tiles depicting waste, 1 dice and the "Recycling Plant" which will have a digital reader inside to recognize the tiles, and some motorized hatches that represent the waste disposal bins. Each turn, a given player will collect 1 card from the environment rolled by the dice, place it on the reader, and then press the key corresponding to the correct bin, if the guess was right the LEDs will light up green and the trapdoor will open, otherwise the tile will have to be placed back on the board.

Erogatore mangimi solidi e liquidi per volatili.

Faire: Rome
Maker: IIS Tito Sarrocchi
"Solid and liquid feed dispenser" was designed to solve the problem of feeding our domestic birds during the holidays and, therefore, away from our property. This electronic type device would be able to distribute a certain portion of feed per day, decided in advance by us and to supply the liquid container with water, from which the birds can drink.

Massage On a Bottle

Faire: Rome
Maker: Massage on a Bottle
Can a plastic bottle be useful in a different way and teach us something before being recycled? In our opinion yes! In this project we use a plastic bottle of mineral water to simulate the resistance that the abdomen of the human body opposes during compressions in emergency cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (ETC). For the training of people in this type of maneuvers, are generally used specialized dummies that, while reproducing in an exact manner the human anatomy, are on the other hand very expensive, limiting in fact the number of people who can try at least once the experience of simulation. This idea was born from the observations of one of the two members of the project team (Luigi) who has been working for many years as a volunteer and is engaged as a trainer for resuscitation maneuvers in emergency. In order to make this kind of experience accessible to anyone, from the collaboration with the other team member (Pierluigi, Electronic Technician and Maker), this project was developed on two different levels: the first, conceived to be extremely simple, which in addition to the bottle uses a small mechanical device capable of rendering both visual and sound feedback when the right level of compression is reached. the second, which integrates the first, with a Smartphone app capable of detecting from the device the rhythm of the compressions performed and confirming the correct execution of the maneuver. The app, moreover, provides useful indications on how to perform the operations and allows to share the experience and spread the use of the device and the app. All this is done both in a training setting and in complete autonomy. This project aims to increase as much as possible the number of people who, at least once in their lives, have tried the practice of external chest compressions for cardiopulmonary resuscitation. In this way, in fact, it increases the number of individuals potentially able to save a life. From the moment a person goes into cardiac arrest, the time available to intervene is very limited and spread the culture of how to perform a maneuver of this type can, in some cases, make the difference between life and death. Our presence at the fair will allow us to have visitors try out external chest compression maneuvers, effectively creating a training environment.


Faire: Rome
MappaX is a project created for the development and improvement of your neighbourhood, through a platform that connects citizens and administration. Trough MappaX you can: - report problems and inconveniences (e.g. the degradation of a park, or the disrepair of a street) - propose projects and events (e.g. organise a day for cleaning a public park, or an exhibition) - participate in the co-design of placemaking and tactical urbanism interventions (e.g. the redevelopment of a square or an outdoor gym in a park)

Pop-up City. Percorsi reali e virtuali di racconto del territorio

Faire: Rome
Maker: Sapienza Università di Roma
Pop Up City is a territory exploration project that through the use of personal devices adds, overlays, writes and reads virtual information to the physical context. The idea behind the pop-up, in book technology as in computer technology, is that of three-dimensional development, the opening of temporary windows that have the function of warning, help or advice for navigation. Augmented reality applied to cultural heritage and the cityscape offers a new way of telling stories rooted in local culture, creating an intergenerational collective imagination.


Faire: Rome

Glut1fy: conoscere e comprendere le malattie rare attraverso le lenti della Realtà Virtuale

Faire: Rome
Maker: Sapienza Università di Roma
Meet GLUT1 Deficiency Syndrome, a rare and often misinterpreted genetic disease, at our booth! Immerse yourself in GLUTIFY, our virtual reality environment, where you'll actively explore our groundbreaking research. Engage with our team in the "Meet the Experts" virtual corner, discover the disease by watching a multimedia slideshow, and delve into the world of the GLUT1 protein at a molecular scale, where you will witness firsthand the temporal dynamics of the protein and the molecular consequences of genetic variants. Join us on a journey of understanding. Be part of the breakthrough!

Prototype for Glasses-free Live 3D Vision

Faire: Rome
Maker: ICTP Scientific FabLab
We present our "altiro3D" prototype for a glasses-free real-time 3D vision based on a new C++ library developed to generate light-fields (or Native) 3D images or videos from a single webcam and in real-time, plus the use of a free-view LCD display such as the slanted lenticular device: "Looking Glass Portrait". Details at:


Faire: Rome
Maker: luca cortelli
Cortex is the universal controller for CNC machines or industrial automation. It is equipped with the GRBL HALL firmware, a well-known open-source firmware that allows for the control of such machinery, and a customizable and expandable user interface. The controller has been designed to meet the needs of both the industrial sector and makers, ensuring the right level of safety and ease of assembly, thanks to its RJ45 connectors that simplify and speed up wiring, reducing connection errors. In this way, even those without specific knowledge in electronics or informatics can use it easily and intuitively, making work even more manageable. The main goal of the project is to create a community that can develop the CNC technologies, a sector that has been somewhat neglected compared to that of 3D printers, despite its importance in the industrial field. Cortex offers makers and industry professionals the necessary tools to develop and improve their own projects. Its flexibility and versatility make it suitable for various applications in which the control of motors, sensors, and actuators is necessary, in addition to its use on CNC machines.

Dalla ricerca all’impresa: Flying Demon e radioattività

Faire: Rome
Maker: Flying Demon s.r.l.
Flying Demon s.r.l. was founded by young researchers in physics as a university spinoff after winning the #ETEC-Second edition contest, proposed by ENAC to fund innovative startups. The company's core business is radiometric safety, which is ensured through rapid, non-invasive drone surveys of large areas, including hard-to-reach zones. To achieve this goal, the company is developing technologically advanced, compact, and portable detectors for in-situ and real-time measurements.

Robotic sorting plant – controlled by PLCs via WEBapp

Faire: Rome
Maker: Itis Paleocapa
The system, based on a Scorbot Er3 robotic arm and a Fishertechnik education kit, sorts different incoming materials by colour, weight ans size, thrugh different processes. The automation, controlled by S7-1200 PLCs, and supervised by a S7-1500 controller, is managed by an operator through an HMI display or through a webApp. It can be used to reach optimization and sustainability goals. The PLCs are able to manage a wide variety of information.

MaCh3D Material Testing (r)Evolution

Faire: Rome
Maker: MaCh3D
For those transforming raw materials into final products and for materials developers, MaCh3D is a Smart Material Testing platform made of an innovative hardware allowing an easier, safer and faster testing procedure, and a cloud platform for material intelligence, enhanced by AI for processes control and materials and processes optimization. Smart Material Testing directly at manufacturing floor will accelerate materials innovation and grow trust in new materials and applications. MaCh3D, (r)Evolution in Material Testing!

Circular Farm la fattoria urbana circolare

Faire: Rome
Maker: Antonio Di Giovanni
Circular Farm is an urban farm, inspired by the circularity of nature. In our circular agricultural process we produce Oyster mushrooms reusing the coffee grounds from the bars and other product like medical mushrooms, micro-vegetable, flours, eggs, worm humus and compost. Our process is innovative, because we use a vertical systems of cultivation in the shipping containers, out of land. In addition to the production of mushrooms, our company produces micro-vegetables and vegetables from hydroponic cultivation systems (aquaponic system) and with a synergic garden. From the mushrooms substrate, we make a compost pile and thanks of the aerobic fermentation we produce hot water that we use in winter time for heating our greenhouse. In our Circular Farm space we organize educational tour for schoosl, experience, workshops and training for the people that want to replicate our circular system.

EUREKA! : “Datemi un filo immerso in un liquido, dall’alto verso il basso, e vi indicherò il livello”

Faire: Rome
Maker: Giuseppe Fiordaliso
The peculiarity of this project is that it allows the measurement of the water level in all those sectors where industrial-type measuring devices are unacceptable both for the costs and for the skills required for implementation. This level measuring device uses a common insulated conductor immersed in water as a measurement probe. It consists of two parts: measuring probe with measuring electronics and microprocessor control unit. The two parts are connected via a non-polarized two-wire connection in order to simplify installation operations. The probe, of the capacitive type, consists of a simple insulated conductor wire, and can be made at a low cost and can be easily adapted by the user to his needs. The measuring range of the device goes from a few tens of centimeters to several meters without requiring particular additional components or specific components for the type of application. The measuring unit based on a microcontroller receives a digital current signal from the measuring probe and according to the settings made in the "user calibration" phase for the "empty" level and the "full" level, displays the value on a display of the level measurement in the range 0...100 %. The microprocessor also controls an output relay in correspondence with two level thresholds (low level setpoint and high level setpoint) freely settable by the user in the range 0…100% through a simple programming procedure. In the programming phase it is possible to choose whether the energized relay state must correspond to a level below the low level threshold or to a level above the high level threshold. In this way it is possible to operate an external device, always in safe conditions. The measurement has an accuracy better than 6% and is characterized by high reliability because there are no metal parts in contact with water or moving parts.


Faire: Rome
Maker: Pizza Robotics
nanosaur is a simple open-source robot based on NVIDIA Jetson. The robot is fully 3D printable, able to wander on your desk autonomously, and uses a simple camera and two OLEDs — these act as a pair of eyes. It measures a compact 10x12x6cm and it weighs only 500g


Faire: Rome
Maker: Università degli Studi della Tuscia
BIOTHINK: biocompatible alternative to traditional tattoo inks used in the dermocosmetic sector. It is a multipurpose ink composed of renewable nanostructured lignin, which acts as a natural pigment, vehicle, binder, and additive. BIOTHINK is free from toxic ingredents, REACH-compliant, brilliant and long lasting. BIOTHINK REMOVER: natural cream specifically designed to remove BIOTHINK ink safely and effectively. The production of BIOTHINK REMOVER does not generate waste, and the packaging is made from recyclable materials, promoting sustainability and environmental consciousness.


Faire: Rome
Maker: Rcoffee S.r.l.
Rcoffee S.r.l is an innovative start-up company and the object of the activity is the transformation of used coffee grounds into pellets, we will also be able to recycle coffee grounds from plastic and aluminium capsules, thus also allowing the proper recycling of these materials. We have already realised the product and provided samples to our consumers. The team consists of three university students: Arash Moazenchi (CEO) student of Economics student; Matteo Villani (CFO) Law student; Marco Oliva (COO)Economics student.

Sweeties handmade

Faire: Rome
Maker: Marzia Grammatico
My greedy boxes are born from handcrafted containers of different shapes and reuse, like jars of ricotta that become cupcakes. I distort felt and crepla by combining other raw materials with these fabrics making them unrecognizable for the use for which they were originally created. I bake Charlotte (sewn biscuits covered with glass sand) and Sacher (brown fommy soaked in glaze). I reproduce pastry chefs' cake design (ruffle and drip cake) using the crepla (reproduces sugar paste) and, with dies, I create borders and decorations to enrich tiered cakes.

History Box

Faire: Rome
Maker: Jacopo De Benedictis
History Box is an interactive multimedia project created to enhance and facilitate the usability of archival documents. Inspired by the microfilm reader, the installation brings together some historical materials on the life of Giuseppe Di Vagno, a Socialist Party parliamentarian who was the victim of a fascist assassination attempt in 1921. Through a physical interface consisting of knobs, sliders and a handset, the user can consult the archival materials in an unconventional way. Features such as audio-reading and document enlargement are designed to ensure greater accessibility.

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