Sponsor Toolkit

Welcome Sponsors! This is your resource center and primary guide as you plan and prepare for Maker Faire. Leading up to the show, you’ll also be receiving email communication and deadline reminders from us. The Maker Faire Sponsor Relations team is here to support your planning efforts and on-site activation. Email us at: sponsorrelations@makerfaire.com.
This toolkit is updated frequently, so if you can’t find the information you need please check back in early September for additional information.

  Immediate: Make hotel reservations with our partner hotels.
  Immediate: Promote Maker Faire with web badges and flyers.
  Aug 15:If applicable, submit Health Permit form.
  Aug 17: Login to the Maker Faire Portal and complete order forms.
  Aug 24:Deadline for booths 10’x20′ and larger to submit a booth layout with electrical drop specifications.
  Aug 24:Deadline to order Booth Services through online form.
  Sept 10: Booths with fire or safety concerns, submit a General and/or Fire Safety Plan.
  Sept 14:Certificate of Insurance must be submitted to exhibit at Maker Faire.
   Sept 14:  Booth location and event maps shared.
  Sept 17:Last day shipments accepted at SLI Freight Advanced Warehouse.
   Sept 17 – 21:Direct to show-site shipments accepted.
  Sept 21:Make sure complimentary guest tickets have been distributed.
  Sept 21:All staff registered for Entry Passes.
  Sept 22:Arrive for check-in and set-up!

Preparing for Maker Faire Preparing for Maker Faire

The Sponsor Toolkit is designed to help you navigate the logistics of Maker Faire, and most importantly, to help make your involvement in Maker Faire a positive and memorable event. Leading up to the show, you will receive email communications which are designed to keep you informed of updates and deadlines. Please forward these emails to all your appropriate team members.

Together we can make Maker Faire a truly unique, educational, safe, and extraordinary experience for all by adhering to the rules and regulations outlined in this Toolkit.

About Maker Faire

Maker Faire is unlike any standard trade show or conference — it is a fun, interactive maze of demonstrations, exhibits, workshops, and displays. We strive to keep it environmentally friendly and simple in design. Makers exhibits include individuals sharing their creations, large-scale art, makerspaces, school groups and organizations showcasing their inventions. As a sponsor, your company directly supports these Makers coming to the event and allows them to share and inspire through their innovative projects. Learn more about the history of Maker Faire here.

Using your Maker Faire Portal

Your Maker Faire Portal is an online tool providing access to order forms and management of your information specific to exhibiting at Maker Faire.

Login to the Maker Faire Portal at any time to edit your Maker Faire Entry information such as your booth description and other public facing information about your entry. Closer to the event when prompted, you can obtain your staff entry passes and attendee tickets there.
Once the Sponsor Entry Form is created or a Start Up Sponsor Application is accepted, you will be prompted to Login (prior users) or Sign Up (new users) for the Maker Faire Portal.

You can now add additional contacts for log-in access to your Entry Form, Tasks and Order Forms. From your Entry Form select Edit Entry and ‘Add an Additional Contact?’ to grant access to up to four additional contacts.

Promote Maker Faire

Social Media

Promote your presence at Maker Faire! Web banners, flyers, and logos available on the Promote page.

“Meet the Makers” Website Inclusion

Attendees use the Maker Faire Meet the Makers online directory to find exhibits at Maker Faire. Complete the public information in the Sponsor Info Form for your company to be included. This is the place to share your message and activities directly with makers and attendees!

Media Activities

You are asked to share the details of any launches or announcements planned for Maker Faire in the Sponsor Entry Form. This information is referenced by our marketing and content teams in preparing for and tracking all activities happening at the event. It is your responsibility to promote activities, invite press contacts to register, share announcements and make connections. The Maker Faire marketing and content teams may re-post or cover activities at their own discretion.

Film/Photography and Media Registration

All media, film and photography crews must register via the Media Registration page. Professional photography and videography at Maker Faire is not permitted without credentials and a Camera Tag provided by the Maker Faire Media Department. Complete the registration and you will be emailed instructions.

Presentation and Speaking Opportunities

Anyone may submit an application to speak through the Presentation Form on the Call for Makers page. Presentations are reviewed and accepted by the content team and are not related to sponsorship. Late applications are often considered; please let us know if you are submitting a proposal after the deadline.

Selling and Lead Generation

Sponsors are allowed to sell directly from their booth as long as they are licensed to sell in the state and following state tax laws.

Maker Faire is a festival environment, and does not use lead generation devices. Please plan for an alternative methods for collection of contact info. Incentivizing with raffles, giveaways, etc. can be effective. It’s important to NOT rely on WiFi, to ensure there are no interruptions in obtaining your data.

Food and Beverage Policies

Health Permit

If you plan to give away edible samples or sell prepackaged foods, you will need to obtain a health permit from the New York City Health Department in person. Please find the form here.

  • A copy of your valid permit must be submitted to food@makerfaire.com no later than August 15th.
  • Samples: Samples must be 2 oz. or less
  • Ingredients: You are requested to display a list of ingredients for any tasting and/or selling so that the audience is informed in case of allergies and/or food sensitivities.

Event Refreshment
Concession stands will be open during the show and the cafeteria will be open for setup on Friday. In addition, a Maker Lounge will be available to all sponsors and staff (with credentials) to purchase food and avoid regular concessionaire food lines. Menu available at check-in.

Certificate of Insurance

DEADLINE: September 14th

Please submit proof of insurance coverage through event dates, according to the requirements outlined as a task within your Sponsor Portal.

Travel & Transportation

Hotel Accommodations

Don’t delay, reserve your World Maker Faire New York hotel rooms today. Hotel rooms are limited!

We recommend that all sponsors stay at the Hyatt Place Flushing / La Guardia Airport. For booking details, including discounted rates please reach out to sponsorrelations@makerfaire.com.

Additional Maker Faire partner hotels, rates, and reservation info is available on the Where to Stay page. Early booking is strongly recommended to secure your room, as availability and discounted rooms are limited. Most hotels have shuttles to the event site.

Nearby airports are John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK), LaGuardia Airport (LGA), and Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR).

Weather and Packing Tips

The average high temperature in the New York this time of year is 76° F. In the case of rain, the show will go on! Rain happens! Cheap sheets of 3-4 mil painters plastic is great to have on hand to cover your exhibit in case it begins to rain. Brief your fellow Makers as well so that everyone will know what to do if it begins raining.

Getting to Maker Faire


Exhibit Guidelines

  • Sponsorship packages include floor space only, with the exception of Start Up Sponsors
    Which includes a 10’x10′ space, (1) 6′ table, (2) chairs, 5 amps of power, and 4 staff passes.
  • Booth numbers are only used for production purposes. It is important to note, booth numbers are not displayed or published and, therefore, not referenced by attendees.
  • Booth locations will be referenced by Zones within the event.
  • Booth locations will be shared 2-3 weeks prior to the event. We appreciate your patience as we finalize all placements!
  • For back walls, chain link fence is used for booths smaller than 20’x20′. You are welcome to hang signage and materials from the fence (ensuring the fencing is not harmed and the material is not heavy). Don’t forget the zip ties!
  • Chain link fencing is used as partitions for booths smaller than 20’x20′. You are welcome to hang signage and materials from the fencing (ensuring the fencing is not harmed). Don’t forget the zip ties!
  • No other companies but the Sponsor Company listed on the contract, or the StartUp Company who applied and was accepted, are allowed to exhibit in the booth space or display signage and marketing materials without prior approval.
  • If you are working with an outside contractor for the booth set-up, please make sure they are in accordance with the regulations in this Toolkit and are in communication with the Maker Faire team prior to the event.

Rules & Regulations

As guests at the New York Hall of Science and the local area, we must abide by all regulations of a public facility. These are designated primarily to ensure public safety, and we thank you for your cooperation in complying with these rules and regulations.

  • No drilling of holes, attaching to, or painting of the floor, or any other defacement to floors or walls. When such damage occurs, the Maker is solely responsible and is liable to the owner of the property.
  • Signage and/or decorations may not be taped, nailed, tacked, stapled, or otherwise fastened to any wall, ceiling, column, stone, window, drape, or painted surface in any area inside the building or on the premises without advance permission.
  • No tents are allowed in any building.
  • Do not insert stakes in the ground without specific permission, as it could be costly and dangerous. There may be wire or gas lines underground that will be damaged.
  • No exits, fire-fighting equipment, or emergency equipment can be blocked or obstructed at any time. Fire extinguishers and fire-hose cabinets must remain visible & accessible at all times.
  • Sufficient space must be provided within the booth for the comfort and safety of persons watching exhibits, demonstrations, displays, or workshops.
  • Exit and Aisles: Aisles must be kept clear of all displays and equipment. Entrance and exit doors shall remain unobstructed at all times.
  • Electrical Devices: All electrical devices with three-wire supply cords shall utilize “UL” ground receptacles. All electrical extension cords must be of heavy-duty three-wire construction.
  • Fireproofing: All draperies, decorations, and materials must be flame-proofed in accordance with local fire code. Materials may be inspected and/or tested by the Fire Marshall at anytime.
  • Hazardous material must be disclosed. All hazardous materials must be properly disposed of. Materials such as grout, mortar, tape compound, etc. cannot be poured down the facility drains. The facility will not accept dumped building materials or electronic waste; you are responsible for the removal of these items.
  • Exhibit storage cartons and crates, combustible waste materials, empty cardboard boxes, etc. must be removed from the building and cannot be stored behind the back drapes or display wall.All building materials, supplies, etc. must be taken away after teardown. The facility will not accept dumped building materials or electronic waste; you are responsible for the removal of these items.
  • Propane and Helium will not be permitted without prior review and approval.
  • Indoor Display Vehicles and Motorized Display Items: Fuel level must not exceed ¼ tank and must be less than 3 gallons. Vehicles/items must be inspected and approved before entering the exhibit building. Once located in the exhibit space, the negative battery terminal must be disconnected, and the fuel tank cap must be taped or locked.
  • Combustibles Kept Outside: Additional supplies and inventory must be kept in closed containers and stored in a neat and compact manner.
  • Food Makers need to comply with all Health Code Regulations and cannot serve samples unless arrangements have been made for permission to do so.
  • Do not endanger or harm any person, property, or the environment, including all the New York Hall of Science property, including the parking lot, entrance ways, ticket booth areas, and other areas used by Maker Faire or its employees, contractors, agents, members, or guests.
  • Management reserves the right to restrict exhibits, displays, demonstrations, presentations, or workshops that become objectionable because of noise, method of operations, materials, safety, or any other reason.
  • The Fire Marshall reserves the right to make any final decision regarding the layouts and floor plans and has the authority to close down and/or fine any exhibit not in compliance.
Every participant, employee, agent, or contractor connected with the use of the premises shall abide by, conform to, and comply with all the laws of the United States, the State of New York, as well as the ordinances of the City of Queens and all rules and regulations of the Police and Fire Departments of the City of Queens and the County of Queens and make no violation or breach of peace. Exhibits must be in compliance with Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is a legal requirement for public facilities. This law became effective in January 1992. It requires access for disabled persons. A Guide to the Disability Rights Laws can be found at http://www.usdoj.gov/crt/ada/cguide.pdf

Insurance: It is your responsibility to ensure the safety and security of your exhibit and its components, visitors within your exhibit area, and your personnel. Reasonable precautions will be taken to protect your property, but Maker Media Inc., Maker Faire, and the New York Hall of Science assume no responsibility for any losses due to fire, theft, accident, or other causes.

Size and Height

  • All booth elements, including signage, may not exceed 8 feet in height unless approved in advance. (You may be asked to take down any signage exceeding the limit if not previously approved.)
  • Booth footprint cannot exceed size agreed upon in contract and exhibit materials cannot reside outside of the booth space or in aisles.
  • Pop up tents are not allowed inside the buildings and must be securely weighted with appropriate amount of sandbags at each leg if outside.

Signage and Branding

  • Ensure booth signage is well-secured and does not exceed the height limitations, exist outside of the booth, or impede walkways.
  • Do not hang signage directly on tents that are shared with other exhibitors.
  • Balloons are not allowed at Maker Faire, unless approved prior to event.
  • Usage of any Maker Faire logos or marks should be approved in advance.

Photo Examples

Check out photos of Maker Faire, Makers, and Booth Examples for inspiration!

Sustainability and Disposal

It is a priority for Maker Faire to reduce the environmental impact of all aspects of production, particularly in regards to recycling and reusing materials at the event. Limit your disposable and paper giveaways, use recyclable materials in your booth displays, and create options for reusing your materials. We encourage you to consider the environment and use sustainable or re-usable materials in your booth build and any distribution materials.

  • Disposable items and overuse of paper marketing materials are discouraged.
  • It is the exhibitor’s responsibility to arrange the proper disposal and removal of booth materials. Materials and unseparated waste left behind in the booth will result in a fine. If you have any special items you are unsure of how to dispose of, please contact us in advance of the show.
  • We do not allow separate waste bins in the booth, as it becomes mixed and no longer recyclable. Recycling, paper, bottles and glass, non-toxic waste, and general trash receptacles will be available. If you require extra trash stations near your booth, let us know.
  • During set-up & teardown, separate recycling and waste into bags (available at service desk) and break down all cardboard. Leave at the side of the aisles for after-hours pickup.
  • The cleaning crew will complete a clean sweep of the aisles after 9:00 pm on Friday and Saturday night. Items left in the aisles will be picked up as trash. The janitorial crew will not enter your exhibit area to clean. Booth cleaning services can be ordered through the Booth Service Order Form.

Booth Placement

The Maker Faire team carefully curates the placement of over 1,000 Maker and Sponsor exhibits, grouping them by general theme or activity across the event site’s various Zones. The layout changes slightly every year based on the types of exhibits.

Final locations and maps are shared 2-3 weeks before the event, but general placement information can often be provided earlier by request.

Booth numbers are only used for production purposes and not referenced by the public. The Zone where the booth is located can be included on materials for reference. Attendees can also find booths by using the Maker Faire website or inquiring at an Info Booth.

Booth Layouts

For booths 10’x20’ and larger, a booth layout must be submitted, indicating the following:

  • Booth orientation (location of aisles and open sides) Contact us for specifics.
  • Total height of booth elements and signage, including location of any walls or structures
  • Entrance/exits indicated (for booths 20’x20′ and larger)
  • Electrical and Internet distribution locations, if not standard back of booth. *Custom distribution will have additional labor costs.

  • Optional templates to use are available here.

Drone Flying

NO DRONE FLYING is allowed at Maker Faire with the exception of the officially sanctioned, monitored and netted drone event areas. Flying in these areas is by appointment only. State and local laws prohibit the use of drones at venues and events like Maker Faire unless they have been pre-approved. Safety is our number one concern. Contact us if you need assistance building a drone cage for your booth.

Order Forms & Services Order Forms & Services

Booth Services

Booth services must be ordered in advance through your Maker Faire Portal. The Booth Services Order Form will require the Entry ID and Contact Email for access. Late orders and changes will incur late fees and on-site requests are subject to availability. StartUp Sponsors – one 6’ table, two chairs, and 5 amps of power is included in your package. Additional services can be ordered from the Booth Services Order Form. Order Deadline: August 24 Payment for booth services is due in advance of the event. Please provide your company billing information in the form. An invoice for payment, by check or wire, will be emailed approximately 1 week after submitting the order form. Below is a list of items ordered through your portal and considered booth services.
  • Electrical
  • Dedicated Internet / WiFi
  • Furniture & Equipment Rentals
  • Audio / Visual Equipment Rentals
  • Miscellaneous


Booths requiring electrical, will need to order through the Sponsor Order Form located in the Maker Faire Portal.
  • Electrical drops will be located at the back of the booth space, unless indicated otherwise on a booth layout that you provide. Drops may be shared with a neighboring booth; please make sure you are only using the number of outlets ordered.
  • Please bring or rent surge protectors and extension cords.
  • Electricity is on during set up and show hours. Electricity is generator run and will be available 30 minutes prior to show opening and turned off 30 minutes after show closing. If you require power at any other time, including 24-hour service, please notify us in advance. Additional charges apply.

Internet Services

Maker Faire is a challenging environment in which to provide Internet, especially over WiFi. While you are free to deploy your own WiFi, our technical team is familiar with the event and can work with you to set up and troubleshoot your network in order to mitigate interference.

  • A password-protected Wi-Fi network is made available for all exhibitors, but it is not intended for booth activities and will not be reliable for sustained use.
  • If your booth activities rely on Internet connectivity, it is essential that you order dedicated Internet services for your booth via the Sponsor Order Form.
  • We would be happy to schedule a consultation with our technical team in advance to ensure that your network needs are met.

On-Site Assistance & Requests for Internet Services:
  • Internet services are not available during set-up times. If you require an Internet connection before the morning of the show, please contact us in advance.
  • If you have issues with the network during the show, let us know right away! Please report the issue to the Sponsor Services Desk so that our technicians can assist you. We cannot fix or refund Internet costs if the issue is not properly reported.
  • Onsite requests or changes for Internet services may not be possible and will incur additional costs.

Furniture + Equipment Rentals

  • Furniture will be dropped in your booth for setup. If items are missing, please let us know right away.
  • There are no refunds for items ordered but not used.
  • Do not take furniture from other areas or booths.
  • Linens and extension cords must be picked up at the Sponsor Services Desk.

A/V Equipment and Lighting

  • Monitors and stands are available to rent through the Sponsor Order Form. If you require other equipment or lighting options, please contact us.
  • Upon arrival to the event, a company representative should request the ordered A/V items be brought to the booth for install.

Maker Faire Creative Services Team

Our Creative Services Team is an extension of the Maker Faire Production team, offering booth design and build out services, including graphics, flooring, and specialty furniture. Our goal is to provide our partners a streamlined service to promote the design of booths that are creative, reasonably priced, and unique to Maker Faire. Contact us to discuss your creative ideas, big or small, or to request items not listed in our standard Booth Services Order Form by emailing us at sponsorrelations@makerfaire.com.

Shipping & Material Handling

SLI Freight is the official provider of all material handling and drayage services at Maker Faire. SLI also offers complete shipping logistics for domestic and international shipments. We highly recommend working with SLI to manage your complete shipping needs, especially for materials dealing with customs. If you decide to use your own carrier, you must still arrange material handling and schedule a delivery date through SLI.

SLI Freight Contact Info:
  • Contact: Sammy Bensasi
  • Office: +1.954.748.6874 ex. 25
  • Mobile: +1.954.554.7326
  • Email: bensasi.S@sli-inc.com
Shipping Info Kit and Forms:
Inbound Shipments and Deliveries: Tips:
  • Ship to the Advance Warehouse for lower material handling costs and to ensure your materials are onsite when you arrive.
  • Schedule Show Site deliveries prior to set-up day (Sept 21) to avoid waiting. (Items received on set-up day will take time to deliver to your booth.)
  • Palletize and crate items whenever possible for ease and economy. Single boxes will not be delivered to booth until requested by an on-site representative for security reasons.
Inbound Shipments by own carrier:
  • Advance Warehouse Arrival Dates: August 22nd – September 14th
  • Show Site Arrival Dates: September 19th – 21st

Outbound Shipments and Pickups:

All outgoing shipments and pick-ups requiring a forklift must be scheduled for Monday, September 24th only from 9am – 3pm. No freight pickups on Sunday.

Outbound Shipments Through SLI:

Make arrangements with SLI Freight to manage your shipment back to the point of origin or to the next show. SLI staff on-site will handle all of your needs!

Outbound Shipments by own carrier:
  • Complete a Bill of Lading Outbound Shipping Form in advance, or pickup on-site at the Sponsor Service desk. Forms must be returned by 7:30pm on Sunday, September 23rd (or emailed in advance).
  • Arrange pickup with your carrier for Monday, September 24th. Carriers (FedEx, UPS, etc.) will not pickup items not on their scheduled list.
  • Complete pack up and label all of your materials, and leave in your booth space. You will need to bring packing materials, tape, labels, pallet wrap, etc.

For the easiest process, use SLI Freight as your shipping carrier to make sure your materials get back home or to the next event. SLI Freight representative will be onsite to handle all of your outbound shipping needs.


All shipments and deliveries requiring unloading, delivery to the booth, and/or storage of empties, will incur material handling fees. Personal vehicles not requiring unloading assistance or storage of empties will not have material handling costs. Accessible storage outside of the booth for product, swag, etc. is only available in exceptional cases for an additional cost, and must be arranged by August 31st. Make plans to store personal items and swag in your booth.


Maker Faire will have roaming perimeter security guards on-site 24 hours a day. If you have additional security needs for your booth, you can order dedicated booth security at your preferred times through the online Security Order Form. If you have any questions regarding securing security, please email Laura at laura@gss-security.com. We recommend taking valuables back to the hotel and securely storing booth materials under tables or out of sight. Maker Media, Inc. and the New York Hall of Science will not be held responsible for lost or damaged property at any time. You are urged to maintain full insurance coverage for loss of your property.

Attendee Tickets & Staff Passes

Sponsor Staff Passes and Attendee tickets that come with your sponsorship package will be made available by early September.

Complimentary Attendee Tickets

Sponsorship packages include a number of one-day attendee tickets to share with customers, clients, employees and friends. Tickets must be registered for in advance online and brought to the attendee entrance gates during public show hours.

    How to Access Attendee Tickets:
  • Once the Sponsor Info form has been updated and the status is “Accepted”, you will gain access to your company complimentary Attendee Tickets and Staff Entry Passes through the portal.
  • Click “Get Your Entry Passes and choose attendee tickets from the list available to go to the unique Eventbrite page. Each ticket type has a separate registration page and company code. The URL has a pre-populated company code, and can be shared with others to register individually.

The Staff Entry Pass registration site is different than the Attendee Ticket site. Complimentary attendee tickets can only be used during show hours.

Sponsor Staff Entry Passes

  • All staff setting up and/or working in the booth need to register for a Sponsor Staff Entry Pass in advance and have it printed or on a mobile device to gain entry to the site.
  • Access your company staff pass registration link through the Sponsor Entry Portal “Get Your Entry Passes” button.
  • Sponsorship packages contain a set number of staff entry passes. Please plan your booth staffing to stay within the number provided.
  • Passes are not name specific and may be transferred, but can only be used one time by one individual.
  • Each pass covers set-up through teardown. Please wear identification credentials and entry wristband at all times.

Get Your Entry Passes

After mid August and once the Entry form has been updated and the status is changed to “Accepted”, you will gain access to your company complimentary Attendee Tickets and Staff Entry Passes in the Using your Maker Faire Portal:
  • 1. Click on “Get Your Entry Passes.”
  • 2. Choose your tickets/passes from the list available to go to the unique Eventbrite page. Each ticket type has a separate registration page and code.
  • 3. The Eventbrite URLs have a pre-populated company code and can be shared with others to register individually.
  • The Staff Entry Pass registration site is different than the Attendee Ticket site.
  • Complimentary attendee tickets can only be used during show hours only.
  • Purchase more attendee tickets here

Staff Onsite Check-In