Interactive Remote Robotics with CodeJoy

Join Kelsey Derringer and Matt Chilbert of CodeJoy to explore interactive remote robotics. Experience for yourself the joy, fun, and sense of accomplishment of creative robotics WITHOUT TOUCHING A ROBOT. Join the session from a computer, Chromebook, or tablet/phone and learn to code motors and lights - then SEE those motors and lights come to life, LIVE, in the CodeJoy studio. This is a totally new approach to robotics education - a fusion of substantive instruction with live educational entertainment. Think Robot Mr. Rogers. Come play with us, and stick around for educator-focused Q&A.

What inspired you to give this presentation/panel/workshop?:
After our recent feature in Make: Magazine, we wanted to give educators an opportunity to learn more about what we do!

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Categories: Robotics, Re-thinking the Future, Teaching & Learning
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