Beyond Candyland: How to modify board games to make them more engaging with Amy Shema and Sharon Peck

Beyond Candyland: How to modify board games to make them more engaging

Based on our work researching the use of games in classroom learning we will share tips to modify games. We understand the power of games and play to engage students in critical thinking, while building agency and strengthening communication skills. We have worked with teachers to teach them how to skin, mod and make their own games for classroom use. Based on our work we will share examples of games that were modified to use in the classroom. We will share recommendations so you'll be ready to start modding and creating your own games for school or play.

What inspired you to make this project?:
We have been inspired by our interactions with children in schools and in tutoring settings who were motivated by game play. We began to understand the power that the game has to create a third space where children can safely take risks, see the impact of their actions, and improve their play as they play. These game spaces engage children in authentic discourse and bring an element of fun. We have really enjoyed sharing this work with area teachers and teachers across the state through the Games in Education Conference, and the New York State Reading Association annual conference. We have presented at the National Council for the Teachers of English annual conference and the Curriculum and Pedagogy conference.

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