Solar Data Visualization

Creating your own tangible data visualizations is one of the best ways to explore and understand our fascinating planet. My solar data visualization began with a single line of Python code. It calculated a number that represented the amount of solar radiation at my house at that exact moment. This motivated me to calculate the radiation over my house for the entire year. What might that look like? I wrote some software in Python, Javascript and PHP that enabled me to turn these models into shapes that I could cut out using my laser cutter. I assembled laser cut models from around the world and was able to instantly understand the sun's relationship to earth. It was facinating! Next, I decided to build one larger model using my CNC machine that also served as a solar calendar and a clock - it's all powered by Arduino and made from wood, acrylic and metal. During this session, you will learn how to create your own solar data visualizations from any material.

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Categories: Art & Sculpture, Making
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