Electronic Waste Transformed into Wearable Art

Scientist-turned-Artist Amanda Preske transforms electronic waste into wearable and decorative art. Her work makes use of discarded materials like circuit boards, ribbon cable, resistors, keyboards, and capacitors, and combines them with epoxy resin. She's made everything from beautiful necklaces to custom art pieces of Ada Lovelace! Take a peek inside the Circuit Breaker Labs studio to see what, and how, Amanda turns trash into treasure.

What inspired you to make this project?:
From advances in semiconductor synthesis to artificial intelligence, technology has revealed fantastic myriads of possibility. Yet, the very advances that improve and save lives leave a trail of toxic waste in their wake. Circuit boards are under-recycled, causing pollution and adverse health effects.

After completing her doctorate in chemistry, Amanda Preske became a professional artist. She believes science and art go hand in hand and loves creating pieces from electronic waste that spark curiosity.

Amanda is committed to keeping her production in the United States and made by hand. Electronic waste is sourced locally, sterling silver products are made from recycled silver, and a lot of her supply chain is based in the United States too. Furthermore, all leftover electronic materials are recycled by an R2 certified electronics recycler and much of her shipping materials are reused and/or recyclable.

When you shop with Circuit Breaker Labs, you’re supporting a small woman-owned business that is committed to responsible and eco-conscious commerce.

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