FabAccess / FabInfra

We'll show the current state of our FabAccess project.
If you're managing / building a MakerSpace / FabLab - you're quite welcome to give us input of what you need and require from such a piece of soft-/hardware.
If you define you field as something between hard-/embedded-/software, you're welcome to have a look at what we're doing or even to contribute to our open source project.

What are the problems you aim to help solve with this project?:
Tooling in MakerSpaces / FabLabs does often need some sort of control / steering, who is allowed to use and who is not.
The ideal state of a machine with some random nerd (without instruction for that particular machine) in front of it is .. without electricity.
So how do you make sure that a machine doesn't get connected to electricity if some random nerd is in front of it .. and that id does get electricity if another (instructed) random nerd wants to use it? .. without carrying a keyring that weights some kilograms and running around the lab (lab-managers usually like their chair at the desk).

What are some of the major challenges you have encountered and how did you address them?:
There are quite some solutions to that problem .. but there's not the one perfect and open source solution we'd like to have.
So we started our run of xkcd nr. 927 and started to develop the one universal standard that covers everyone's use cases. Yeah!

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Categories: Community Organizing, Distributed Manufacturing
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