Building Life-Sized Cardboard Superheroes!

Connor Lee and Bauer Lee (co-founders) share how they started their journey of cardboard building. Come watch and see their life-sized models of Iron Man, Wonder Woman, Groot, C-3PO, R2D2, Black Manta, Wall-E, Hulk Buster, and more. Learn about the events they hold for people to make cardboard Thor Hammers, Captain America & Wonder Woman shields, and Wonder Woman gear. Also, learn useful tips on how to build your own cardboard superheroes.

What are the problems you aim to help solve with this project?:
My brother and I are trying to promote the arts for youth during this time of quarantine. The arts are being cutoff from many schools at this time, and we want to inspire creativity in people. We want to share our love for superheroes with the world and show people what they can make with everyday items in their house. One thing that many have at their homes, especially at this time, are Amazon boxes. Instead of throwing them out, we want to show people the many things you can do to re-purpose these boxes.

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