ISS-Above : Space Station Live to your TV

Did you know the ISS passes YOU by 5-8 times EVERY DAY? ISS-Above will be bringing the International Space Station live to the Bay Area Maker Fair. We'll be showing live views of the earth from space throughout the day.

What inspired you to make this project?:
Being involved with space makes us better human beings. I created the ISS-Above in 2013 initially as a project simply to inspire my own grandchildren to become passionate advocates for human spaceflight. Knowing that the International Space Station with the ONLY human beings living off the earth are passing you by 5 - 8 times every day makes a profound difference to how people think about space exploration.

After exhibiting an early prototype of ISS-Above at the San Diego mini-maker faire in December 2013 I was persuaded by attendees to create a Kickstarter project to allow everyone to get one. Since then there are now more than 3,000 worldwide.. including every NASA center nationwide and 100's of schools, science centers, and public libraries.

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