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Maker Faire Bay Area 2019

May 17th-19th

North Courtyard: SF Bazaar Exhibit Craft

ZEBA means beauty in Persian. At ZEBA we believe that beauty already exists within you, and jewelry only helps you tap into your innate beauty. ZEBA makes one of a kind adornments inspired by the sacred traditions of India. Only natural materials.

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Adi Pirzada

I have been a maker for over 15 + years exhibiting my work in India, Russia and the US. I have always been a creative person and get my inspiration from nature as well as the spiritual traditions of my home country India.

San Francisco Bazaar Showcase Maker

Each year San Francisco Bazaar features hundreds of juried artists and designers. Shoppers can expect to find the crème de la crème of indie goods: handbags, pottery, letterpress stationary, silk-screened t-shirts, baby clothes, zines, posters, body products and more!

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