Environmentalists and Makers: A Call to Climate Action

NuLeaf Tech founders Rachel and Ari share their experience as entrepreneurs and how they leverage the maker’s mentality to impact the everyday sustainability of our lives. They will discuss how we as makers can foster individual climate action and resource independence to build a sustainable future.

What inspired you to begin investigating your topic or inspired you to make your project?:
A self-described nature nerds who watched too much star trek, Rachel & Ari began as makers tinkering with biotech to create cleantech solutions. As California natives, They have seen firsthand the impact of drought and water scarcity and this greatly influenced their work. They became entrepreneurs when they grew tired of waiting for the world’s wastewater problems to solve themselves and saw how important water is to an equitable, regenerative future. Today, the NuLeaf Tech team builds technologies that enrich the lives of regular people everywhere through water-smart resource management, come hell or high water.

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