CO2 measurement devices, and a tabletop model showing how to not emit CO2

Showing Arduino and RaspberryPi carbon dioxide measurement tools on a tabletop display. Explaining an electronic unit of exchange somewhat like Ethereum that can help Americans switch to an exciting and innovative low CO2 emission life style.

What inspired you to make this project?:
The time remaining to turn around the world's problem with too much CO2 in the air is running out. The best scientist writer on the Internet is Jim Hansen. He has made the connection: The children living today will inherit environmental disasters, some of which may be uncontrollable.

I am showing at Maker Fair(e) tools for measuring CO2 in the air.

My academic background is American Studies, One of the interesting things you stumble across in American Studies is a lot of politicians and educators have built pieces of the American social fabric but nobody sees it as the American system. Copying ideas from cybernetics suppose we say: The American system emits too much CO2, how do we get control of the CO2? The science of cybernetics has an answer. You have to measure the CO2 and then implement a steersmanship process to shift the readings in the desired direction. Thus we arrive at a sentiment, we need to do "social change".

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