Stardust is a whimsical oasis. It beckons explorers with soft, pulsing beams; motion triggers landing lights. A flying saucer-shaped bench provides a comfortable view of the "stardust" overhead.

What inspired you to make this project?:
The original idea was inspired by the rotating and undulating movement of the vortex of Vaux's Swifts descending into the chimney at Chapman Elementary School in Portland, Oregon in 2017. It was so moving that I wanted to recreate that motion someway in an art installation.

On a hike the next day, the vision morphed into a more celestial realm as I saw stars, planets and little UFOs replacing the dots of birds in the vortex. I felt that people could be just as moved looking up at dots of “stardust” as I was witnessing the earthly creatures.

Every year at Burning Man, I ride out toward the trash fence to take a break from the lights and music. The Black Rock Desert sky is breathtaking - it's easy to forget when you're surrounded by so much stimuli!

Stardust is my gift oasis to those who find themselves overwhelmed.

My wish was that participants would discover my installation out in deep playa, relax on its flying saucer-shaped bench, look up to see twinkling dots of light slowly swaying above as an encouragement to witness the stars (and stardust), breathe deeply and take in the beauty. And they did!

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