Lovie Monsters Bigger: Sewing and Circuitry Workshop

This is an introduction to e-textiles, toy making and making simple circuits without soldering. Students get to take home their own creation.

What inspired you to make this project?:
Lovie Monsters are collectible pillows and stuffy kits. With each kit children become makers, sewing their own soft stuffed animal-like toys with embedded circuits such as lights or sound chips. Our toys teach children sewing skills, circuitry and design principles key to even great STEM education. We are striving for a simple way to introduce and teach children about STEAM.

Over the past three years Play Pattern has run Saturday family workshops featuring sewing and circuits. We were surprised to see our workshops were popular and that both children and parents who wanted to learn how to sew. Our workshops became place were families made fun things together. Lovie Monsters was the name that came from a series of workshops we conducted at the ALTSchool in NYC. At Play Pattern we believe that every child should have a STEAM education and we hope to do that will one Lovie Monster at a time.

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