Live at
World Maker Faire New York 2018

What happens when you add the dimensionality of fold to your traditional Augmented Reality markers? Come see our giant paper craft AR and make some of your own cool #AROrigami! #ARFolds

Uttam Grandhi

Uttam Grandhi is an Elastic Mind enthusiast based out of Brooklyn, NY. Through his journey, he attempts to bridge the worlds of Art, Science and Technology. His interests span origami, electronics, sculpture, biology, mathematics and animation.

Yosun Chang

A prolific developer who has had an unusual amount of experience conceiving and building AR apps and other software for emerging technologies, from boring HMDs to thin haptic suits to random robots. Award-winning to some. Super cool to some. Curious.

YuFeng Li

Award-winning independent animation filmmaker with works awarded & selected by 30 + international film festivals.