Live at
World Maker Faire New York 2018

RoboRuckus is a completely open source game inspired by the excellent board game RoboRally. The game involves players attempting to navigate actual robots through a zany obstacle course in a race. This game is still in development. Come by to try it!

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Sam Groveman

Although Sam obtained his doctorate in chemistry, he still enjoys tinkering and making with electronics in his spare time. His love of computers and awesome things drives him to create fun and hopefully interesting projects like RoboRuckus.

Andrew McKay

A Maker from his earliest days, shoe boxes and toilet paper tubes were never safe when Andrew was a child. Now living in what his friends call "Apartment Depot", he combines his two favorite activities, making and gaming, into the RoboRuckus game.

Maria Torres

Francis Secada

Francis has always been a technologist, ever since he figured out how to bypass the login security functionality on his father’s Windows 95 PC. He currently is applying his MPA in Policy Analysis by building SaaS solutions using Python and Django.

Laura Oliveira

Enjoys science, nature, hanging out with dogs and cats, and talking endlessly about TV shows. Can't really make things, but wishes she could. Happy to help and support those who can, though.