Live at
World Maker Faire New York 2018

A.I. Labs Presents the return of the crowd pleasing GO SHOPPING KART but along with this car. The Pro Shopping Kart joins the fray with its over the top design along with a race ready Cozy Coupe.

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Andrew Iacona

I've been making since I was young and I've learned on how to chop, cut and rebuild the things around me. Pushing myself to try new ideas and experiment by bringing different concepts and re engineering tech around me

Melissa Iacona

I am a lifestyle blogger who met and married the maker of her dreams. Together, we go on adventures and create memories, having fun at every chance we get. I love learning new things from Andrew and helping him build in his garage.

Joe Lopez

I've master the art of 3D printing and joined A.I. Labs to grow my skill set learning new and different things

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