The Enemy of Good: Making Dangerous Art from Tooth and Nail

Matt Gordon, founder of Hydrocarbon Collective, will give a technical tour of Torch Song, a 15' kinteic fire art sculpture. He will also discuss the learning process involved in making novel, complex art from the standpoint of a generalist, and the question of what it means to "be an artist".

What inspired you to begin investigating your topic or inspired you to make your project?:
Hydrocarbon Collective and Torch Song came out of the question "What would it mean for me to make art?" And the answer was to make something that was not bounded by the limits of time, or money, or even possibility: to simply envision, and build towards that vision. Torch Song is the first major art piece I have constructed, and my talk chronicles the three year journey to presenting it at Burning Man. Getting there required learning so many new things that I realized that the learning to learn was as important as the learning itself.

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Categories: Kinetic Art, Art & Design, Electronics, Microcontrollers
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