The Academy Awards of Open Hardware: Everything & More About the Hackaday Prize

The Hackaday Prize is Hackaday's way of encouraging socially focused innovation while having a whole lot of fun at the same time.

Over $200k in prizes, 16 Maker-Celebrity Judges, and 1000+ project submissions.

This talk is about why YOU should enter and what you need to know to WIN.

What inspired you to begin investigating your topic or inspired you to make your project?:
I always have been interested in open hardware and the creative engineering power of individuals working together. It is by open design that we can make the things we want and need in the world, not just the things that will sell. The Hackaday Prize is the perfect intersection of my engineering interests and my activist inclinations, so when I was given the oportunity to join Hackaday and run the Prize, I didn't hesitate to be a part of the movement.

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Categories: Electronics, Alternative Energy, Engineering, Open Source