Transform yourself into a different body. PoV gives you the opportunity to experience the world from a different point of view.

What inspired you to make this project?:
It all started after moving to New York. Being away from my family and friends, using many kinds of communication apps and devices, made me think about long distance conversations and realizing that there are still so many missing aspects that can make this experience feel more natural and engaging. One of those was the use of space. I started looking for ways to allow people to walk and more important to look around while they are engaged in a conversation. The ability to move freely in a different space, somewhere around the world, can help people think they are actually there and get rid of the annoying limitations of holding the device and seeing the other side from a point of view decided by the person on the other side. Being able to look and walk around can allow us to be engaged in a wider and longer conversation with more than one person.

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Categories: Robotics, Arduino, Fabrication, Raspberry Pi, Virtual Reality
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