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Learn how the Marine Maker program empowers individual Marines with tools and training to develop creative solutions for complex problems at home, in the field, and on humanitarian aid missions around the globe.

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Captain Chris Wood

Chris Wood is a graduate of Colorado State University, Naval Postgraduate School, and the Expeditionary Warfare School. He was deployed in support of Operation Enduring Freedom and lead numerous DoD-level innovation efforts before co-founding the USMC Next Generation Logistics (NexLog) office. Capt Wood is co-lead for additive manufacturing and spearheads the Marine Maker program.

Tim Bailey

Tim is a catalyst, bridging the gap between people and opportunities. He is currently supporting DARPA and the US Marine Corps in developing and deploying maker training and tools. Tim is also Executive Director of Yuri's Night, the annual worldwide celebration of human spaceflight.

Brad Halsey

Brad brings his battlefield making and prototyping experience to the classroom through a problem-solving scenario-driven workshop called Innovation Boot Camp. Building upon prior think-tank R&D experience, Brad was an ‘embedded scientist’ supporting the Army in Iraq (2008) to make and build urgently needed tech solutions. Now his company is focused on teaching others to quickly solve problems.

Cpl Rhet McNeal

Rhet's submission to the USMC 2016 Logistics Innovation Challenge, "Adaptable and Affordable 3D Printed Drones", was one of 17 winning entries. To help develop his idea and push forward his design skills, Rhet is currently deployed to the Autodesk Pier 9 Residence Program in San Francisco.

Brent Chapman

Brent Chapman is an Army Cyber Operations officer and project manager at the Defense Innovation Unit Experimental (DIUx). In addition to promoting making in the military, he maintains, where he publishes his electronic and woodworking projects, often with detailed photographs and instructions. Brent is also a contributor to Make: Magazine.