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Maker Faire Bay Area 2017

GGLABS designs and builds a wide variety of electronic devices. From computer accessories, switching power supplies, classic computer peripherals and microcontrollers projects everything we make is open source and open hardware.

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Gabriele Gorla

Gabriele is a director of system engineering at a semiconductor company. When not in the office designing cool consumer electronics devices or playing mechanical engineer on TV he can be found in his home lab working on various electronics projects

Mike Sun

Mike is a product architect at a large semiconductor company where he designs computer peripherals and consumer electronic devices. He recently moved to California where he discovered the maker movement.

Dolen Le

Dolen is a recent college graduate from a small engineering school in New York City, where he worked on microcontroller projects for the school’s newly-opened maker space. Today he works on debugging firmware for consumer electronics and messes aroun

Eric Nguyen

Eric is a new college graduate who is a 'certified e-waste diver'. He downgrades trash into even more useless electronic projects.

Gokul Santhirakumaran

An electronics hobbyist, embedded developer, a fellow with too many geeky interests to name.