Live at
World Maker Faire 2016

Artists and scientists alike can expect to leave this panel discussion understanding (and excited about!) the way that recent advances in technology have revolutionized the field of neuroscience, and the significance of this revolution to the DIY/Maker community.

Melanie Segado

Melanie is co-founder and science director of NeuroTechX. She has been reviewing consumer electrical brain stimulation (tDCS) devices since 2012, built her own TDCS and has talked about Brain Stimulation at Defcon and Sci Foo camp. Melanie is currently pursuing a degree in cognitive neuroscience and spends a lot of time discussing the ethical implications of the DIY brain stimulation phenomenon

Teon Brooks

Teon is a Mozilla Science Fellow and PhD candidate in cognitive neuroscience at NYU. He will soon be joining the CRN and the Department of Psychology at Stanford as a postdoc researcher. He is a core developer for MNE, a community-driven project for analyzing brain data in Python; and OpenEXP, an open science platform for running behavioral and physiological experiments.

Joe Burdo

Joe has a Ph.D. in Neuroscience from the Penn State College of Medicine and is the Lead Educator and Co-Founder of NeuroTinker. Before co-founding the company with lead engineer Zach Fredin, he taught physiology and neuroscience at the undergraduate level for 9 years. Joe is a tinkerer at heart and passionate about finding ways to teach the complexity of the brain using clear and easy to use tools

AJ Keller

AJ Keller is the Founder of Push The World (PTW), a NYC based neurotech startup, working to give people the tools needed to control computers just by thought. Keller leads Push The World in building and development of their app Thinker which has the goal of being the Siri for Brain Computer Interfaces. AJ is an avid Maker and is a major contributor to the OpenBCI software and hardware

Sydney Swaine-Simon

Sydney was born and raised in Montreal, and studied both Psychology and Computer Science. About three years ago he cofounded one of the largest incubators in Quebec called District 3. He fell in love with the maker ideology 2 years ago during a visit to my first maker fair in New York and helped to bring the makerspace concept to the incubator, so that startups can prototype while they validate.