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World Maker Faire 2016

At Northfield Community Middle School (NCMS),
the "Digital Shop" class engages students in learning design by doing design. Human-Centered Design (HCD) is the central focus and reflected in the class' mantra: "CARE THINK DESIGN ACT."

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Kevin Jarrett

I teach Design to students (in grades 5-8) at Northfield (NJ) Community Middle School in a makerspace we built ourselves. Inspired by Emily Pilloton of Project H, we have "brought back shop class, but oriented the projects around things the community needs." Our mission: make the world a better place via entrepreneurship & innovation. This is my 13th year in education. I am a 2016 Fablearn Fellow.

Glenn Robbins

MS Principal/ Designer @NCSNJ Husband & Father. 2016 @NASSP National Digital Principal of the Year. 2016 @SETDA Student Voice Award. 2015 MS Bammy Edu Voice Award