ISSIE - International Space Station Interesting Exercise

Zero gravity weakens your body! Living in space means hours a day of exercise. ISSIE is a 10-year-old girl's mission to make exercise more fun on the International Space Station -- and on Earth! We're making mixed reality games powered with exercise.

What inspired you to make this project?:
This project was born from an astronaut's complaint and an 8-year-old girl's imagination. Last year, I saw Cady Coleman speak at the 2015 International SpaceApps Hackathon in New York. She said the effect of zero g on the human body was a big problem with long-duration spaceflight. The good news is NASA has an answer. The bad news is it's exercise -- 2 hours a day.

I told this problem to my daughter, Laura, who had just won a Presidential Fitness Award and asked what we could do about it. She thought... and said "Exercise + Fun". And that was the start of ISSIE.

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Categories: Gaming, Flying & Aeronautics, Health, Rockets, Young Makers (Maker is under 18yo)
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