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World Maker Faire 2016

This is the first year that Ozar Family Racing joins the Power Wheels Racing Series. The Ozar Family has an awesome makerspace in their basement in Windsor Terrace, Brooklyn called the Fallout Shelter. Monty Ozar, 3, wanted a dark blue race car.

Project Website

Anney Fresh Ozar

Anney Fresh Ozar is a maker of puppets, costumes, and things that go. She makes puppets for Sesame Street and Adafruit's Circuit Playground. Past Maker Faire projects include: Space Kittys, MakerBot Raceway, and Madagascar Institute's Chariot Races.

Keith Ozar

Keith Ozar is a maker and 3D printing evangelist from Brooklyn. Produced MakerBot Raceway at Maker Faire NY in 2011 and MakerBot Robot Petting Zoo in San Mateo, CA in 2012. Also a Contributing Writer - Make: Ultimate Guide to 3D Printing 1st Edition.

Monty Ozar

Monty Ozar, 3, is a tiny maker. He is great at holding the other end of the tape measure and can drive a screw. Legos are his main passion. He has strong opinions about the design of a Power Wheels Racing Car. This is his 4th World Maker Faire.