Live at
World Maker Faire 2016

Lego models of radiation therapy and imaging machines used to help pediatric and adult patients' anticipatory coping. Reducing the need for sedation with MRI and reducing stressors for patients/families - not to mention cost !

Victor Ty

I am a radiation oncology nurse for a comprehensive cancer center in Brooklyn. I have a background in dBaseIII+ programming and electronics and communications engineering.

Benjamin Ty

Benjamin Ty is a 7th grader at PS 122Q, he has been a volunteer since the age of 3 for PS255Q, a school for children with Autism. Benjamin programs the new iteration of the Lego Linear Accelerator which is made using Lego EV3 smart brick.

Jon Luongo

Child Life Specialist, Perioperative Services & Radiology, Maimonides Medical Center.

Amelita Ty

Amie Ty is a pediatric radiation oncology nurse at NYU Langone Medical Center. She is currently the only nurse utilizing the Lego Linear Accelerator in clinic for her pediatric patients.

Nicholas Ty

Nicholas Ty is an avid Lego designer and builder. Diagnosed with Autism since age 2 and has very limited speech. He uses his Lego creations to mimic social situations through creative play. Nicholas is the inspiration for this project.