Live at
World Maker Faire 2016

A maze-navigating robot with customized I2C-based combo-sensors Arduino device and self-designed 3D printed mechanism! It is tasked to detect victims with thermal sensor and dispense items long optimal paths calculated by our search algorithm.

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Julian Lee

As a rising HS Freshman, I have been very interested in problem solving, and algorithms. My passion for math and science led me to robotics and to attend Storming Robots at 4th grade. I have been attending SR ever since.

Jeffrey Cheng

As a rising HS Freshman at Bridgewater HS. Robotics has always been an important part of my life because of the fun from puzzle solving. This led my passion into software algorithms. I have been attending Storming Robots Robotics since 5th grade

Stepan Gorelenkov

As a rising Sophomore at the Montgomery HS. My hobbies are playing ice hockey and doing robotics. I like robotics because it challenges me. I have been attending Storming Robots since 5th grade.