TRACY BELBEN is a contemporary and luxurious clothing and accessory collection made out of what else, but chainmail. Each design is meticulously handcrafted, made from lightweight aluminum, and engineered for ultimate wearability.

What inspired you to make this project?:
The inspiration for my self-titled collection, TRACY BELBEN, started in 2009, the day I found myself laid off from my job as a designer in an architecture firm. There was a shortage of jobs due to the recession and I knew it would be nearly impossible to find a position within the field for a very long time. As I was cleaning my desk, my newly-unemployed team discussed our future free time. I casually replied “I think I’ll make jewelry.”

My own remark seemed to resonate with me and so next day – I found tools and random materials from around the house and got to work. My optimism was fueled purely by my inspired thought and need to just ‘make’.

Over time (and between jobs and after/before the workday), I dove deeper into my jewelry work, drawing inspiration from what I knew – architecture. Trial and error constantly evolved my self-taught techniques and craft into what it is today. The hobby that quenched my thirst for creation evolved into my savior – allowing me to push my artistic confidence as well as make other people feel beautiful and confident when wearing my work. I hope to inspire others to be courageous in exploring innovation through their own personal experiences – through any situation, challenge, educational background, etc. – and to just start ‘making’!

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Categories: Fashion, Art & Design, Craft, Fabrication, Wearables
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