Explore Circuits with Black Pine Circle School’s Maker Club

Students from Black Pine Circle School invite you to learn more about their Maker Club and join them in some of their favorite basic circuit activities. Explore and tinker with MaKey MaKeys, copper tape, LEDs, penny batteries and more!

What inspired you to make this project?:
When we applied to our first Maker Faire (East Bay Mini-Maker Faire 2013) we were nervous our project wasn't good enough. But we soon realized that simply sharing the smaller projects we loved with others was rewarding. Last year, we did brought one of those smaller projects (our Cardboard Arcade) to San Mateo, and the students noticed that they spent most of their time working with kids who wanted to play with the MaKay MaKeys and invents! So this year, we decided to leave the arcade portion and just flesh out circuit activities - especially those activities where participants can bring what they make home with them. So far, each maker faire our "project" has been different, but the one thing that is the same is that these kids love sharing what they make with the public!

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