Inner Workings of 3D Printers

Touch and play with motors, gears, and 3D printer parts, and see how they go together and make a 3D printer. 3D printers are amazing, and you can learn what makes them tick. See miniature 3D printers that you can hold in your hand as they print.

What inspired you to make this project?:
Some time after building my first 3D printer, I saw that parts were available that were half the size of the standard parts, and I saw that miniaturization was possible. When people first saw the miniature printer, they were thrilled by how cute it is, which is sometimes surprising because it's not an animal or a person, but people do have a fascination with miniatures such as toy trains and cars. Peoples' reactions inspired me to take it further and make it work.

But also, I saw that there was a void in the market, that printers can and should be made smaller for those who want them, and the small printer I made is meant as a demonstration of that possibility.

Lastly, the first thing that happens when people see it, is they ask about details of how it works. Somehow having it smaller makes people curious about the working parts, and that inspired me to open up a printer for people to see the inner workings of its parts. If we want more people to make things, they need to see what kinds of things they can make!

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